The Best Apps Every Car Users Should Have

The Best Apps Every Car Users Should Have

Apps have become an important part of every driver’s traveling experience. Car service apps can be your best driving companion.

Today, car apps can guide you to the most minor trafficked route, cheapest gas, car renting company, or car sellers. You can also find your car whenever you forget where you parked it or update your maintenance schedule. They can also help you plan your protection schedules or get important warranty reviews like Endurance warranty reviews.

That said, some apps are better than others.

1. Waze

Waze is one of the most efficient navigation apps. Its main advantage is that the more the drivers use it, the better you get real-time info. And since the app uses info from other drivers, it’s easy to know the best route to use.

Fellow app users can update you about potholes, road closures, construction blockades, and speed traps. You can even get info about dead animals on your route.


  • Real-time alerts
  • No account needed
  • Carpool option


  • Needs many users to get accurate information
  • Lacks lane guidance

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2. Parkopedia

Waze can help you navigate traffic, but you need a parking spot once you are there. Parkopedia takes care of that part for you. For that service, it has become an ever-growing parking app.

The app has over 70 million street and metered parking spots. You can also use the app in over 15,000 cities. And like Waze, Parkopedia doesn’t use costly sensors and hardware to guide you. Instead, it uses info from other users.


  • Covers more cities than other apps
  • You get info about prices, availability, and hours
  • Get info about private garages


  • Lacks in-app payment feature

3. GasBuddy

This app also works by crowdsourcing data from other users. It’s an app designed to guide you to the cheapest gas in your area. Other users upload info about gas prices in the app or site, and you can use their data to find the cheapest place. With that many contributors, GasBuddy has collected data from over 140,000 gas stations in the U.S, Canada, and Australia.

This app is free, but it has two premium memberships to help you save more: Pay with GasBuddy and Pay with GasBuddy Premium. With these tools, you get a discount when you use any gas station partnered with GasBuddy.


  • Go straight to the cheapest gas station
  • GasBuddy fuel rewards features


  • Fewer users mean fewer data in your area

4. PlugShare

This app is the electric station version of GasBuddy. If you own an EV, PlugShare is one of the best apps to find the nearest charging station. You can also leave reviews, share photos, and communicate with other users.

Today, PlugShare has more than 440,000 charging stations on its map.


  • Free app
  • Real-time data

5. Torque

There are many apps designed to diagnose performance and engine troubles. Torque is among the first apps to connect with OBD2 code readers through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app’s main function is to tell you why your engine light is on.

With Torque, all you need to do is buy the code reader and read trouble codes from the Engine Management System. With it, you can get useful data from the car’s onboard computer about your speed, fault code history, GPS, and more.


  • Get info about your car’s check engine light
  • Clears trouble codes when repairs are done


  • You have to have an ELM327 device to connect


This app is one of the best apps for buying and selling your car online. With, you can find new and used cars and their specs and details. You can also look up local dealerships’ information and their reviews.

The app also has in-depth research tools. For example, you can do side-by-side comparisons, video reviews, and payment calculators. Also, the company’s experts give unbiased news about the current automotive landscape.

Another important feature is the service and repair tool. With the On the Lot feature, you can compare information about local car dealerships. So, when you have the latest information, you can negotiate for a better deal.


  • User-friendly
  • Contact dealers through the app
  • Several useful features like the payment calculator


  • Limited to used and new cars dealerships

7. Drivvo

Drivvo is the best cost management tool for your vehicle. This finance manager helps you control your expenses. With it, you will record the expenses and services of your vehicle. Also, the basic feature lets you record your mileage anytime you add gas to your car. Over time, the app will tell you how much it takes to operate your vehicle.

Besides tracking your car’s expenses, you can also schedule reminders about maintenance and payments. Plus, the data about your expenses can help you make informed decisions.


  • Data about fuel economy can help you make needed adjustments
  • Reminders about car management
  • Guide you to the cheapest gas station


  • Less coverage than GasBuddy when it comes to fuel prices

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This app works with rental companies in more than 53,000 locations globally. Of course, your local car rental companies probably have their apps. But to compare them, you will have to download several company apps. You will likely not take that route. That’s where Rentalcars comes in handy.

With this single app, you can look up several rental companies. You can compare the prices and availability of cars in your area from all major companies. Also, you can rent your car from this app if you don’t want to contact the rental agency you choose.


  • Real-time info about major rental companies
  • Works with dozens of major companies across the globe


  • Too many customers sometimes lead to poor customer satisfaction

The best apps are easy to use, have useful tools, and easily perform difficult tasks. They should also help you save time and money.

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