7 Best Gift Ideas for the Technology-Loving Homeowner in 2021

Best Gift Ideas for the Technology-Loving Homeowner

Struggling with finding a gift for a technology lover because you aren’t very tech-savvy yourself? You can’t go wrong with a device to spruce up their home life. Whether you opt for something fun or something practical, any technology-loving homeowner would be thrilled to receive one of these gifts this season.

1. Smart Thermostat

Settling on a consistent home temperature could be a topic of debate for homeowners who live together. Rather than getting up to tinker with the thermostat, they could control their home’s current temperature from the comfort of their chair via their phones.

Having a smart thermostat can help in other situations, too, like if someone has left their home. If a person is on vacation, they can check their home’s temperature and adjust it as they see fit. Then, they can turn it to what they want it to warm up or cool down to just in time for them to come home. You can quickly eliminate a loved one’s discomfort in their home by upgrading their thermostat.

2. Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are great for just about any homeowner, especially those who prefer minimalism. This particular kind of charger cuts out cord clutter, meaning someone wouldn’t have to worry about their cable bending and breaking or losing the cube needed to plug the cable into the outlet.

While someone might still use a traditional phone charger while on the go, having a wireless charger stationed at home could put them at ease without sacrificing their design style for a charger that might be an eyesore. Wireless chargers work by a user putting their phone on the dock and leaving it alone, which makes it perfect for bedtime or spending time with family.

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3. Smart Pet Food Dispenser

Busy homeowners might find that they’ve forgotten to fill up their pets’ bowls for breakfast before work. Luckily, the smart pet food dispenser connects to your phone, so you can wirelessly provide your pets with more food at any time of day.

Some people prefer to keep food bowls filled at all times rather than designate set meal times for their pets, so this bowl is a great way to ensure your pets have food available when they want it.

Remember that individual animals differ in their dietary requirements. Your dog may require a different calorie intake than others of the same breed. Having an automatic food dispenser can help your cat or dog meet their dietary needs throughout the day.

4. Smart Pool Monitor

Anyone who has a pool knows how much work they take to maintain every season. In addition to skimming the pool to remove anything the filter couldn’t catch, homeowners have to maintain and regulate chlorine levels, often getting samples tested.

With a smart pool monitor, many of those chores are nonexistent. While a homeowner may still have to care for their pool now and then, the responsibilities won’t be as intensive or hands-on as they would be without the smart pool monitor. The right monitor can regulate chlorine levels, help you save on maintenance costs, and keep your pool clean without any effort. It’s a worthwhile investment for any homeowner with a pool.

5. Smart TV

Smart televisions take automated television and streaming options up a notch. While other televisions might need external devices to help them operate a few apps, smart TVs are a step above, allowing users access to several channels and apps depending on their preferences.

You don’t need a cable or satellite TV service to access anything on a smart TV — it connects directly to your Wi-Fi. Depending on the type of smart TV, a user might store media on it, such as photos for a slideshow when guests come to visit.

Without the need for an external plugin to give it limited features, homeowners can use just one remote to control every aspect of their viewing experience. If you want to spoil a loved one who spends time at home and is always on the search for cool gadgets, consider getting them a smart TV so they can watch their shows, stream music, and relive old memories from the comfort of their couch.

6. Oculus or PlayStation VR

For the fun-loving gamer in your life, there’s nothing more technologically advanced than virtual reality. By using a VR device like one from the Oculus brand or PlayStation’s VR headset, your loved one will be able to step into another world from their living room.

PlayStation’s VR experience has a line of short games — from the comedic and relaxing “Vacation Simulator” to the horrifying first-person shooter “Rush of Blood” — that will be sure to occupy any gamer’s free time. Next staycation, they’ll know who to thank for giving them the gift of fun.

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7. The Mirror

If you know a homeowner who wants to make more time for exercise but doesn’t have space for a home gym, consider getting them the Mirror. This device looks like an actual mirror and can be set up just about anywhere in a home. With personalized coaching sessions, the Mirror can help any couch potato achieve their daily activity goals.

Homeowners can also choose music to play while they’re working out and following the guidance of coaches toward their fitness goals. Through purchasing a subscription, any Mirror user can reach their goals without having to go to the gym. It’s an excellent gift choice for any homeowner who takes their fitness seriously.

Give a Techie Something They’ll Enjoy

Technology-savvy people aren’t challenging to shop for. You just have to think like a technology-loving homeowner to understand what they’ll both want and need. Any technology or device that makes a homeowner’s life easier or more fun is the perfect option for a gift this year.

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Zachary Amos is the Features Editor at ReHack Magazine, an online publication that covers the latest tech innovations.

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