5 Smart Home Devices You Need For Your Home

Smart Home Devices You Need For Your Home

Converting your home into a smart home has never been easier. Smart homes don’t necessarily have to be built from scratch or require any major renovations around your property. Technology has progressed so much over time that there are now several categories of Smart Home Products – smart kitchen appliances, smart gardening tools, smart hardware; all of which are now available for domestic use as well.

Instead of worrying about how much you would have to dip into your savings to do that, here’s a read on some brilliant, yet affordable devices we’ve listed down.

1. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Retail Price $24.99
Ever felt lazy to get back out of bed to turn off the living room lamp? Or forgot whether you turned off the curling iron in the bathroom? We’ve all been there. It’s like Smart Plugs were invented for such instances – and of course, because of technology advancements and other reasoning.

The Wemo Smart Plug connects to the home Wi-Fi network and allows remote control through devices like our smartphones and tablets and even Voice Assistants, specifically the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. You can now have wireless control over any device in the house that plugs into an outlet – chargers, lights, the TV, hairdryer, microwave, toaster, and literally anything! Simply plug the Wemo Smart Plug into an outlet and then plug any device into it. Switch off the Smart Plug on your way to work, while in bed, or even if you’re on vacation.

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2. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED multicolor bulb

Retail Price of 2-pack, $34.99
The Sengled Smart LED Multicolor bulbs allow you to select from over 16 million colored shades and several white tones too. Connect these bulbs to your home Wi-Fi and without needing any central hub, have complete control of these lights straight from your smartphones and tablets. Set schedules, dim the lights, or brighten them according to your preference. Have access and control of your smart lights from anywhere, anytime. These bulbs are also voiced compatible with Smart Speakers featuring Alexa and Google Assistant.

3. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

Retail Price $269
Here is the solution to all your internet connectivity issues: the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point. When paired together, these devices can provide internet coverage to a total area of 3800 square feet, and connect up to 200 devices simultaneously. It’s perfect for a big family or a household with several devices that rely on Wi-Fi connectivity.

Setting up the devices is quite easy and can be done through the Google Home app. With the app, you can set parental restrictions to restrict certain devices or certain content from being accessed from specific devices. The Nest Wi-Fi Point, on the other hand, serves as a smart speaker too, featuring a built-in Google Assistant for all your Voice Assistant requirements.

4. Google Nest Cam

Retail Price $129.99
Watch over your home in clear HD quality video with not just sound, but two-way audio as well. The Google Nest Cam takes the concept of surveillance and refines it more with a modernistic touch.

It allows you to place its web-cam resembling (wireless) camera in any corner of your home, with access to the video feed straight to your smartphones and tablets. The cameras feature built-in motion detection, sending alerts to your mobile devices anytime it notices a sound or movement while you’re away from home. Converse with your family at home while you’re at work with its easy communication two-way audio feature, and don’t stress about the nighttime hours because the Nest Cam sports night vision too.

Additional subscription to the Google Nest Aware unlocks several other features, one including real-time alerts identifying a specific person if detected in the camera’s 130-degree view.

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5. Google Nest Thermostat

Retail Price $129.99
By now you’ve figured how amazing Google’s Nest catalog is because here is another amazing domestic product that would be great for your home – The Google Nest Thermostat. This smart thermostat not only comes at a cozy price but is built to make your home cozy for your comfort.

The Nest Thermostat works with motion detection and phone location, given that you can control the device from the Google Home app on your smartphones and tablets. It can turn itself down when there’s no one around or set itself to an eco-friendly temperature to save on energy consumption. Get alerts on your phone whenever the thermostat detects an issue or a filter requires cleaning.

Set daily or weekly schedules for the thermostat from the Google Home app. And the greatest feature of all, the device comes built-in with a feature similar to the Google Assistant, therefore you can also control it with your voice! If you’re too lazy to pick up your phone to adjust the temperature, just say “Hey Google”.

This is how easy it is to turn your regular household into a Smart Home. So what’s stopping you from making your home smart now? Head on over to First Energy Home’s website and check out some more Smart Home Products.

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