Top 5 Wi-Fi Analysis Tools Help to Connect High-Speed Internet

Top 5 Wi-Fi Analysis Tools Help to Connect High-Speed Internet

Are you using Wi-Fi analyzers to troubleshoot your network and find hidden interference sources? More than 75% need to be troubleshot according to research. Wi-Fi analysis tools to analyze and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network, given the increasing dependence on it in business environments.

According to a WEF report, internet adoption has increased more than twice in the past decade. There is still great potential for growth. Wi-Fi 6, which is the next-generation wireless standard, is driving Wi-Fi adoption higher than ever before. However, Wi-Fi landscapes can become stale from inefficient configurations, network bottlenecks, and incorrect protocols without rigorous analysis.

What Is Wi-Fi Analysis and Why Is it So Necessary?

Wi-Fi analysis is typically performed using a Wi-Fi analyzer tool. It involves the monitoring of your wireless network and performing regular audits to uncover key performance metrics, problem areas, and optimization points in order to reconfigure the network for greater performance.

Wi-Fi is rarely able to provide a perfect configuration in complex business environments. A Wi-Fi analysis company revealed that 75% of Wi-Fi networks need to be troubleshot in its 2021 industry report. This affects employee productivity and connectivity for 52% of businesses and creates a bad customer experience for 22%.

Poor planning is the biggest problem. However, many of the problems (too few access points, physical mounting issues – 20% and capacity planning – 26%) can be fixed if companies use Wi-Fi analyzers at the pilot stage, or in the early days of implementation.

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IT is the one who bears the brunt of poor connectivity in more than a third of the cases. The problem lies elsewhere, however.

Top 5 Wi-Fi Analysis Tools to Ensure Stellar Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi analyzers are software applications that monitor data packet movements and network logs in order to identify key issues in your Wi-Fi landscape. It will show you the available channels in the wireless spectrum to help you choose the most efficient channel for your access point.

This is only one aspect of the value proposition. WiFi analyzers can be very easy to use, but they can provide deep insight into the network landscape, relationships among network components, as well as the state of connectivity within specific areas of your office.

Let’s talk about five tools that can help you debug your Wi-Fi landscape in 2021. They are listed alphabetically.

1. Acrylic Wi-Fi

Acrylic provides a variety of Wi-Fi analysis tools to target specific use cases, such as home Wi-Fi analyses, network forensics for law enforcement, and heat maps for network architecture planning.

Key Features

  • Analysis of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options
  • Heat maps for the pre-deployment phase
  • To extract traffic information, use compatible Wireshark or other Wi-Fi products
  • Specialized tools to assist law enforcement

USP– addresses a wide range of uses.

Pricing Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional starts at $39.95 per user for a perpetual license.

Who are you looking for? Large companies with in-house Wi-Fi experts need to analyze Wi-Fi in the pre-deployment monitoring and troubleshooting stages.

2. Ekahau

Ekahau provides Wi-Fi landscape design, maintenance, and management. It also has an Ekahau app for data visualization, network governance, and hardware appliances – the only tool in this list that has one.

Key Features

  • Ekahau Sidekick will replace traditional dongles with an advanced Wi-Fi diagnostics device
  • Multi-products for site surveys, WiFi health analysis, targeted troubleshooting, and Wi-Fi health analysis
  • Ekahau Cloud allows remote collaboration among connectivity professionals
  • Data analysis in-depth to identify bottlenecks that are difficult to diagnose

USP– Provides an all-in-one solution called Ekahau Connect that can take care of every wireless network-related need, including hardware.

Pricing Ekahau Connect starts at $8,790 and includes a perpetual software license, hardware, and support for one year.

Who are you looking for? – Large companies and network resellers/managed services providers.

3. InSSIDer

InSSIDer from Wi-Fi specialist MetaGeek is the network analyzer tool. It was designed to identify and fix the root cause of slow Wi-Fi connectivity.

Key Features –

  • Visualize access point status including signal strength, maximum data rates, and security
  • Offers practical insights into what can be reconfigured/optimized
  • Visualizes key information about channels and detects excess
  • Scanners of local area networks (LAN) are used to optimize device-level performance

USP: Addresses one, critical problem – slow connectivity

Pricing– Starting at $100 per Year

Who are you looking for? – Small businesses and complex home Wi-Fi configurations.

4. NetSpot

NetSpot is a professional-only program for Wi-Fi analysis, site surveys, and site surveys. It’s compatible with both macOS and Windows. This is the only tool in this list that comes with a free version.

Key Features

  • Analysis of Wi-Fi coverage on the campus
  • Visual Wi-Fi map for optimizing hotspot placement
  • To avoid crowding, channel visualization, and selection
  • Professional assistance on issues detected by an automated system

USP has a free version for network planning and troubleshooting. The company will soon release predictive surveys that don’t require site visits.

Pricing: Prices start at $149 for a single-user commercial license. An additional $49 is available for lifetime upgrades.

Who are you looking for? – A distributed campus that supports small, medium, and large businesses.

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5. SolarWinds Wi-Fi network monitor

SolarWinds, a global IT management software provider, has its Wi-Fi network monitor as part of its network performance solutions.

Key Features

  • Wireless access point monitoring and discovery
  • Heat map and visualization of coverage
  • Analyze connected devices to find details such as IP address, SSID, and channel used.
  • Integration with Cisco ASA (a security software)

USP This Wi-Fi analyzer tool has been backed by SolarWind’s extensive network management expertise, making it ideal for both connectivity pros and in-house experts.

Pricing Starting at $1638

Who are you for? – Large enterprises and digital-native companies

These five Wi-Fi analysis tools are some of the most popular on the market. They can solve a variety of business and use cases. Acrylic is a great choice for home users. InSSIDer can address persistent slow connectivity. on the other hand, is the best solution for those who need to manage Wi-Fi environments and monitor them. It also comes with a top-of-the-line hardware appliance. WiFi calling is to help in business.

Wi-Fi analyzers are essential tools for any IT department, regardless of their intended use. Understanding what Wi-Fi analysis is and how to use it can make a big difference in businesses’ ability to fix 90% of their Wi-Fi networks. This is often because of interference sources such as Bluetooth, wireless headsets, or motion sensors.

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