Best Play to Earn Crypto Games of 2022

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Games kill boredom, and we can make money from them too. Punters can earn from several games while playing, but only a few are reliable. Crypto games are among the most reliable ones, and they are the hottest at the moment.

With crypto games, the players can collect NFT characters and trade cards that they can resell in the game with much value. Here are some of the best play-to-earn crypto games of 2022.

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games of 2022


Silks is a new crypto game on the block, and it comes with lots of horse racing excitement. This game allows every player to create their horses, and there will be new horses every year. These NFTs are digital replicas of real-world racehorses born the year before.

Every horse has its unique character, and its wins depend on the performance of its real-life twin. However, there are several ways to earn crypto asides from winning. A player can sell their horses to new players to get new NFTs.

Furthermore, you can stake your money in a digital farm for rewards, buy new horses, and set up a breeding venture as you earn.

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Cryptopop is a popular play to earn crypto game under Candy Crush. Since Candy Crush has many fans, it was easy for Cryptopop to gain popularity. Also, they both have similar gaming experiences.

In Candy Crush, players have to match gems, while they have to match gems in Cryptopop. Some of these logos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Cryptopop pays in Popcoin and Ethereum, and the winning method is easy. You earn points by matching logos; the more you match, the more crypto you earn.


Since it started several years back, roulette has always been the most played casino game. Player bets on the side that a ball will rest after rotating. If they predicted right, they win some Bitcoin.

A player may play colors, even, or odd numbers. They can also bet on adjacent numbers, rows, or single numbers. Meanwhile, they mark these bets to match the wheel’s compartments.

It’s not necessary to visit the casino to play roulette. There are reliable websites where you can play roulette online and get your rewards.

Light Nite X

Light Nite X is a battle-related game where you earn crypto for every player you defeat. Players get into a battle with themselves, and each player’s goal is to kill as many players as possible. You win Bitcoin every time you kill a player but lose Bitcoin when another player kills you.

Every item in the game, including the outfits, weapons, and characters, are all NFTs. So, you can trade them to upgrade your items or get more crypto. Furthermore, this game gives the player a chance to single-play or create a team.

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Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is the last on our list of the best play-to-earn crypto games of 2022, but that doesn’t make it the least. You can create your character to your taste when you start playing this game.

Though Blankos Block Party is a battle-related game, it focuses more on exploring to earn crypto. The reason is that some players only want to earn crypto and not fight battles.

A player can decide to play solo for exploration or create a team to participate in the game. Also, all characters are NFTs so that you can resell them on the secondary market for upgrade or crypto.


The above-listed games are the best play-to-earn crypto games of 2022. We have explained their important features and how players make crypto from playing them. Enjoy!

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