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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the few representatives of MMO RPG in the shooter genre, developed by the Bungie team, which has already given the gaming community Destiny and Halo and some NPCs even moved to Destiny 2.

The player will have to choose his class and go to defend his home planet from an alien invasion and at the same time explore space and explore territory.

Classes in Destiny 2

  • Titan
  • Warlock
  • Hunter


A defensive class with the ability to act as a semi-carry and position itself as a full-fledged tank in the world of Destiny 2.

The class can attack enemies at any distance, deal heavy damage to anyone who gets too close, and set up a defensive block that will absorb a large amount of incoming damage directed in a straight line at the titan itself or allies.


A universal class that can be a full-fledged attacking and inflicting strong AoE damage and a healing class that establishes special zones in which all allies and the warlock itself restore their health and all allies who are in the area of the skill


A master of ranged combat and a skilled owner of skills in the use of melee weapons. Can deal high damage to targets from afar, move quickly and cast a disguise to attack the enemy with a dagger.

Activities in Destiny 2

  • Quests
  • Contracts
  • Strikes
  • Raids
  • PVP mode

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Like most online MMO projects, Destiny 2 uses a quest system to teach players the basic mechanics, help in leveling and earning glimmers – the main currency of the Destiny 2 world, and at the same time tell the story of the entire universe, gradually dedicating players to the storyline and gradually increasing the difficulty level for an interesting game


Contracts are additional assignments that are related to game actions. For example, shoot in the head, kill certain monsters, use a specific weapon.

The main feature of contracts is a certain time for their implementation, if you do not have time to complete it, then it will simply be replaced with a new one without receiving the specified reward. But if you do it much faster, you can upgrade contracts in advance using glimmers, essentially turning the game currency into a permanent source of additional experience.


Strikes are small raids on the dungeons of bosses and their retinues in order to gain experience, glimmers and various equipment and weapons.

This format is not difficult and requires only three people for a comfortable passage, but if you are ready to put in more effort, then you can go together and even alone.

The boss is not particularly difficult, and the dungeon itself resembles a straight line where you walk down a long corridor, killing various enemies, until you meet the boss at the end of the path and win.


Raids are a full-fledged combat format in which you need to collect or join a group of players

The principle of the dungeon itself is not easy to learn, since you need to constantly monitor the actions of the boss and understand the environment you are in order to avoid lethal damage and special mechanics that are needed so that there is always a risk of raid failure. Therefore, you may need destiny 2 raid help – this is a service from the Skycoach service that helps players complete difficult raids and leaves all the rewards and experiences to the client player.

The service can help you complete the raid in two ways

  1. Joining the group – At the agreed time, you will be invited to the combat squad, which will enter the dungeon and pass the raid with a 100% guarantee of results. You need to carefully listen to the instructions of the raid leader, so as not to become the cause of the possible failure of the entire campaign, due to reckless actions, or inattention.
  2. Transfer of an account for the provision of a service without the participation of the client. This format is faster, more accurate, and, contrary to expectations, safer. The Skycoach service guarantees the safety of personal data and does not cooperate with third parties – all services are provided by the service employees. You can track the status of your order on the Skycoach website in real time and receive a notification when the service is completed. After checking the drop that is already in your inventory, do not forget to change the password, since the service is only responsible for the security of your data only during the period of providing the service.

Raids are divided into difficulty levels and in order to open a more difficult version, you need to win the previous one.

There are only three versions

Plain and introductory. This is a raid format in which you have to work very hard to complete it, with failure for your group. You will go through the dungeon itself, study the territory and the surrounding monsters, learn the mechanics of the boss, what skills he uses and how often he changes his dynamics, his strengths and weaknesses and get equipment that is stronger than yours and that will help prepare for more difficult versions of the raid.

Heroic – requires more players for clearance and stronger equipment that can be collected by regularly completing the normal version of the raid.

The boss will become stronger and more durable, attacks and skills will be used more often and the time allotted for the raid will last much longer.

As a reward, you will receive equipment of greater power, which will be relevant when trying to complete the next stage of the raid.

Mythic – the most difficult, but also profitable type of raids. It requires a large number of participants and any mistake can lead to a major failure, but it is here that the best equipment and armor of legendary quality is obtained, which is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get it in any other way.

PVP mode

Destiny 2 has several interesting modes in which players can measure their strength and realize their experience and equipment, and the most popular among them is the Trial of Osiris.

This is a competitive mode for teams of three, where participants compete for a random seasonal reward of legendary weapons and other useful equipment

But getting a good weapon just won’t work – you need to defeat other players and do it in a row.

Each player who will be in a team that manages to win 7 victories in a row will receive a legendary weapon.

This means that it will be very difficult for beginners to get a notorious trophy, but at the same time, the rounds pass quickly enough and with due perseverance, you will be able to get your rewards and the next season will be easier, due to the current improvement in your attacking abilities.

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