Top 10 Steam Alternatives For PC Gaming

Steam Alternatives

Predictive statistics indicate that the number of PC gamers will exceed 1.8 billion worldwide by 2024. Steam is one platform that supports the drive toward PC gaming. Check out these top Steam alternatives for PC gaming.

Steam was launched in 2003 as a simple client software program. It has since grown to be a digital distribution platform for video games.

Steam is well-known as a marketplace where you can purchase games. But, Steam also has a desktop application that allows you to play PC games.

The steam Desktop application contains more than 30,000 games. Enjoy a thrilling gaming experience with controllers and VR technologies. Join over 100 gamers.

Steam isn’t the only software available for PC gaming. You should try other platforms if you are a gamer. Maybe just for the experience.

Best Steam Alternatives For PC Gaming

1. GOG Galaxy

GOG (Good Old Games), is a well-known game distribution platform. The Galaxy desktop app is now available. you can access several games in one place.

GOG Galaxy, like Steam, is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. To install the app on a computer, you will need Windows 8 or higher.

GOG Galaxy allows you to install and launch any game from your PC. It does not matter which game provider it is. It has a large library. This allows you to import games from different consoles and organize them.

For better management, you can create your own libraries. You can filter, sort, add tags, and add tags for games. You can also edit their covers or backgrounds.

GOG Galaxy is the best Steam alternatives for PC gaming and is a great option if you want to monitor how much you are playing. The stats dashboard shows you how many hours you’ve played, which games you have owned, and what your major achievements are across all platforms.

You can add, manage and view the activity feed of friends. Cross-platform chat allows for communication with other gamers. It is one of the best Steam features on GOG Galaxy.

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2. Itch.io

You’ll find games for a reasonable price on the Itch.io marketplace. Many games can be downloaded for free while others are priced below $5. The majority of games available on the platform are independent games, just like what you can get on Steam.

Itch.io allows you to download and play the games after downloading them. Itch. The app curates all games automatically and Itch.io allows you to download files from anywhere, regardless of where they are stored on your computer.

Automatic updates are available with the Steam desktop app; the Itch.io application offers the same. The app, as well as the games, will update automatically.

Some games use modern command line tools and will download only the latest changes, rather than the whole game.

Offline support is one of the best things about the Itch.io App. You can sync browser-based games with the app and play them offline. When you return online, your progress is automatically updated.

You can communicate with other gamers online, share your feature requests, and get feedback. Itch.io is an open-source platform, making it a great Steam alternative for programmers.

3. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is different from Humble Bundle. Steam is the difference between the paid and free versions. Both platforms can be used together.

Humble Bundle allows you to purchase, and download games, software bundles, and game plugins. You can download games to your PC via the Windows App.

Most PC games that you download can be played right away, and require no additional software. Others will require a game client. You can use platforms like Steam alternatives.

Humble Bundle is a paid program that includes more PC games than Steam. You will find RPGs, strategy, simulations, action, adventure, and VR games among many other genres.

These games are relatively affordable. These games are often sold in bundles and can be purchased for as low as $10, $15, or $25.

Humble Bundle includes Windows PC games as well as Linux and Nintendo Switch games. You can also download Windows Mixed Reality games.

4. Epic Games

Epic Games was founded in 1991. It is best known for Fortnite, a free-to-play Battle Royale video game. If you are a Fortnite player, Epic Games is a great alternative to Steam.

Epic Games is an online platform that offers some of the most popular PC games and mods. You can find both free and paid games in the Epic Games game store.

Epic Games offers a low $0.40 per game for new users. There are many games to choose from, including action, fighting, and adventure, RPGs, shooters, survival, racing, racing, and RPGs.

Epic Games offers a launcher for Mac and Windows that you can use to download games. To install the launcher, you will need Windows 7 or macOS 10.11 installed.

It is easy to set up Epic Games. It also has an integrated library that allows you to download and manage games.

Epic Games, like Steam, offers an online community. The community has over 100 million members. If you are looking for gaming partners, this is one of the best steam alternatives.

5. Playnite

Playnite is a platform that provides a single interface for all of your games. It is a free, open-source videogame library manager.

Playnite is only available for Windows PC. It doesn’t work with Linux or Mac, unlike Steam. It does not include a web emulator. The PC software can be downloaded and installed on Windows 7 or higher.

You can import games from many third-party libraries using the software. The software can import games from Epic Games and Battle.net.

Playnite allows you to play with many console emulators. You can switch themes and layouts with this fully customizable library manager.

You can go beyond the software’s default features to enhance your gameplay. You can also install script extensions and plugins to add more functionality.

Playnite is integrated with igdb.com, a website that allows you to download game metadata, descriptions, covers and other information. The playtime counter also provides insight into your game statistics.

Playnite is the most popular Steam alternatives if you are particular about online security while gaming. Playnite doesn’t store any data on servers. All data is kept locally on your computer.

6. Ubisoft Connect

If you like competition, Ubisoft Connect will be a great platform to connect with other gamers on the PC. You can connect with other gamers across multiple gaming platforms.

You can participate in community challenges from time to time and get access to premium games. Over 100 PC games are available on the platform, many of which are brand new.

The Ubisoft desktop application can be downloaded on your computer for free. To access certain games, however, you will need to subscribe. A subscription costs EUR14.99 per month (roughly $15).

Unlike Steam, Ubisoft doesn’t feature many indie games. Most games are created by native developers. You can still play Ubisoft’s future releases.

Ubisoft is responsible for many acclaimed games such as Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon, Anno, FarCry, and The Settlers. There are many mind-blowing games available. You won’t miss any new releases because the games update automatically.

Ubisoft Connect allows you to keep track of which games and platforms are being played by others. Participating in challenges can bring you a lot of rewards – more than 1000.

You can also access premium games, you can use the rewards to unlock outfits, weapons, and other in-game items.

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7. Game Jolt

Steam boasts many indie games. Most indie games are made on Game Jolt, before appearing on Steam. Game Jolt is used by more than 150 million users.

Game Jolt is all for gaming communities. If you are a content creator looking to collaborate with other content creators, Game Jolt is the ideal platform.

Game Jolt will have gaming communities for Minecraft and Pokemon, among others. These community pages contain posts, builds, and other content that is related to the game.

You can download any new builds that you can download and play on your PC. . All content downloaded on Game Jolt communities are free.

Game Jolt has a store similar to Steam. The majority of the games are also free. Premium games can be negotiated and you can choose a starting price.

Game API is one of the greatest features of Game Jolt. The API allows you to customize games by adding leaderboards, sessions, and trophies. This makes Game Jolt gaming more fun.

Game Jolt, although reliable for PC gaming is much more popular with mobile gamers. It offers mobile apps for Android and iOS users.

8. Battle.net

Battle.net offers a PC gaming desktop application called Blizzard. It can run thousands of Battle.net games.

Battle.net will allow you to access almost all of the most popular games on Steam, and many more. These are just a few of the many games you can get: Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo, StarCraft, and Call of Duty.

Register now to get started with Battle.net. Most of the games, however, are premium. Moreover, some games can be as low as $1.99 while others will cost you at least $40.

Battle.net guarantees top-quality gaming with its innovative “Blizzard Polish” technology. You can also access the game store, user forums, and other features from the desktop app.

Both Battle.net and Steam offer chat features, but the Battle.net chat is more engaging. It allows you to chat with others in groups or in voice chats.

Chat is located on the right tab of the Blizzard App. It is intuitive and allows you to quickly identify players online. Apart from the desktop app, you can chat online or with the Battle.net app on your mobile device.

9. Pegasus

Pegasus can be described as a cross-platform platform application that allows you to launch and manage games. Because it is open-source, it can be used as a top Steam alternatives.

You can access the application codes on GitHub. If you are a developer, you can contribute to its development. Pegasus simplifies gameplay. The developers describe it as a “modern retro gaming setup.”

You can launch multiple games from one emulator. Its best feature is the ability to customize the games according to your preferences. You can upload artworks, previews of videos, and metadata. You can also edit the menu screens and change the UI elements. This customization is not available with Steam.

Pegasus requires Windows 7 or higher to work. Pegasus is a portable program that doesn’t require installation. You can simply download, extract and then run the file.

The website does not have a Steam-like game store. The Pegasus emulator will allow you to run the downloaded games on other platforms. Pegasus is 100% free. You can also donate to the development team.

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10. Kartridge

Kartridge was launched by Kongregate in 2018. It is a simple PC gaming platform. It features many independent games, including some that are old, just like Steam.

You can download the Kartridge app for free but you will need to pay to be able to access the games. The majority of games are $14.99, while the more difficult ones can cost as high as $29.

You can still earn coupons and games as you play. You can also earn XP and badges as you play which will improve your gameplay over time. You can play some of the following games on Kartridge: Pine, FlotSam, and Mightier Than The Sword. Anodyne 2 is also available. They may not be very well-known, but they are fun games.

Kongregate, the parent platform, allows you to access more popular games. It has more than 100,000 games. If you are looking for a non-congested Steam alternative, Kartridge is the ideal choice.

Although Kartridge is not as popular as Steam, it has a lively community. You can chat in private or in groups, and you can post updates to the Kartridge community.

Bottom line

You can download and purchase PC games from many platforms, such as Steam, like the one shown above. Steam does not have all PC games available. You may want to look at the steam alternatives sites for more options.

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