What Was It Like to Browse The Web in The Nineties?

What was it like to Browse the Web in the nineties

When we look back at the nineties, for some of us, it was twenty years ago, while those who were not born then, people recognize the 90s based on what the media looked like then. In this article, however, we are going to discuss what it was like to browse the web in the nineties. Internet was new, just launched, something not everybody had, but everybody was aware of this.

Today, things are entirely different and we are living in a whole new universe of tech that never existed and there was no such concept of it neither was the completely right predictions. Cable was the primary source of entertainment and information. We still get to see the same household names such as spectrum cable plans but masses today prefer mixed media. Currently, the cable is one of the sources of information or entertainment, as a matter of fact, for some which include no-cord and cut-the-cord leagues, it is non-existent. The Internet has officially taken over conventional media.

Let’s quickly walk through the pointers how it looked like to browse the web back in the nineties:

The color arrangements did not make any sense. A white backdrop was viewed as too monotonous to even think about utilizing and each site appeared to have insane tones for the backdrop with textual style and colors that didn’t merge well with each other and made it difficult to read.

Along with the horrendous tones and foundations and huge pictures, there was music that played when you clicked onto the page. This made the pages take longer to load.

that they had a site yet there was not a single incentive understanding in going to the web then. They simply needed to be popular as cool children.

The only special cases were organizations that were established as online businesses and were pretty strict about it.

The vast majority were new to the configuration so you never saw an advertisement that just said. They needed to completely remove it.

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Chat rooms were incredibly famous and the regulars utilized bunches of shorthand insider dialect, similar to teens messaging these days yet broader.

This is the place where BRB and LOL began, however, numerous other similar platforms gradually dropped out of utilization.

Website admins and early SEM specialists would submit to every one of these engines and attempt to restructure for everyone without destroying their current position.

The video was fictional. The internet was excessively slow and we don’t recall whether it was even conceivable to watch the video without buffering or crashing the screen.

Modems were so inconceivably slow, however, costs continued sinking and speedier ones continued coming out.


We have the information, and some interesting facts about how it looked while using the web were as interesting for you as for us. The “aha” moment when we compare and see the difference between technology and the internet has made it beyond comprehension. Predominantly, during the global pandemic where it helped businesses, jobs, and lives survive like a superhero.

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