Top 13 Free Google Chrome Extension for Your Website SEO

Top 13 Free Google Chrome Extension for Your Website SEO

Some have better keyword information, others have greater connection info, others provide better technical hints… to put it differently, there isn’t any ideal instrument.

Plus paying for a few search engine optimization tools can be costly and is not realistic.

But do not worry, because now, I am going to make your life somewhat simpler. Listed below are 13 free-of-charge chrome extensions that can aid you with your SEO.

What is amazing is that if you combine all of them, you will have all you want.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension enables you to see keyword information directly from Google search results.

Additionally, it shows you related keywords and their advice, without leaving the SERPs. It is possible to export the data to CSV or click any of the data headings under”People also search for…” to be taken to the Ubersuggest dashboard to the searched keyword.

This information makes it effortless to run keyword study at-a-glance mechanically from the SERPs.

2. Moz

Broadly, the greater your domain name authority, the greater your positions are.

Moz produced a Chrome extension known as Mozbar that lets you know that the domain name authority and webpage authority for virtually any webpage on the internet.

This expansion is useful once you’re surfing the net and exploring any possible opponents as it will immediately demonstrate how you stack them up and as you’re going through their website it is easy to spot their authoritative pages which you will need to examine.

3. Similar Web

Online, fame is everything. Most of us want more visitors.

Although more visitors does not necessarily mean greater revenue, generally it will.

Out of all of the tools available, I have discovered that the Similar Internet provides the most precise traffic estimations in comparison to anybody else.

With the Similar Web extension, you can get visitors’ information without return to their own website.

The very first thing you’ll be able to see with this expansion is traffic information for the previous 6 months.

And because you scroll down you will have the ability to find out what states that the people are coming from.

Last, but not least, it shows you that the traffic makeup for every website too. Is your visitors coming from search engines, social networking, traffic sources, as well as lead traffic to the website?

4. Redirect Path

Redirect Path is not as renowned of an expansion, but when you’re doing specialized SEO it is essential.

As time continues, your URLs will change. Whether this is from a brand new arrangement or whether you’re deleting old articles and consolidating your web pages, this expansion will say if something goes wrong.

During Redirect Trail, you can quickly determine if a redirect is broken or functioning properly.

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5. Buzzsumo

If you love or despise Facebook, it is still a favorite website that may drive a good deal of traffic.

Since you’re surfing the internet, you’ll naturally wind up reading some posts. A number of them are going to be in your competitor’s website and you could be asking yourself if the content did well or not.

Employing the Buzzsumo expansion, it is possible to observe how many societal shares a given post has and their backlinks.

You may even see all of the most well-known posts from this site based on societal traffic and sharing count.

This gives you a fantastic idea about the sort of content you want to begin producing.

6. Meta SEO Inspector

Errors can definitely kill your visitors.

The tiniest things such as your meta tags could have a large effect on your positions, which means you will need to be certain that they’re completely optimized.

Employing Meta SEO Inspector, you can immediately see if your meta tags are installed properly.

With this instance, I immediately learned that one of my web pages does not possess an open chart meta tag. Meaning that if folks discuss that webpage on the societal web, maybe it does not appear properly, meaning that I will not get as many societal networking visitors.

7. Check My Links

Comparable to this Redirect Path extension as you’re spending more time doing specialized SEO and assessing your competitors, the more connection data you’ve got the better.

And outside hyperlinks are not the only ones that may help increase your rankings.

Knowing data on inner links is important also.

Check My Links will provide you all the internal hyperlinks amounts you desire when browsing any page in your website (or your competitor’s ).

Not only are you going to find a summary, but it is also possible to get details about the entire page because this extension highlights every hyperlink.

8. Pagespeed Insights

Load time does not just impact conversions, but in addition, it affects your positions.

With almost 60 percent of those searches being performed from cellular devices, your loading period is becoming more significant than ever.

Throughout the Pagespeed Insights expansion, you can quickly determine exactly what you have to do in order to better your loading time on any webpage on your website.

And if you find a dent you do not enjoy, simply click”desire more” and it’ll take you to a comprehensive report which will Provide you feedback like that:

If you discover a lot of mistakes, you will want to mend them over time it can boost your rankings.

9. SEO Minion

Search engine optimization is all about the very long game.

If you only spend 10 minutes per day making advancements, it may have a massive effect on your visitors per year in the future.

1 task I have my group always consider through SEO Minion is broken hyperlinks.

You will want to resolve any on your site. Additionally, you may use it to locate broken links on different sites and then hit up them to replace the broken link from the website.

A different way to cultivate your search engine optimization traffic is by distributing your articles to other languages.

This expansion also breaks down hreflang information, which can be required when you’re targeting different languages and regions.

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10. SEOquake

SEOquake is the simplest way to have a comprehensive summary of your website.

The extension gives a thorough overview of matters such as your Alexa rank, indexing data for Google along Bing in addition to your SEMrush ranking.

The density record breaks down the keyword density on any particular page.

You do not have to worry about keyword density, but generally speaking, if you do not mention a keyword that you wish to rank for then odds are you won’t rank for this.

The analysis report breaks down search-engine search engine optimization components on any particular page.

And also the most popular attribute of SEOquake is if you do a Google search. You are given information on each website that ranks.

11. Ninja Outreach

However much search-engine SEO you’re doing, you won’t rank well in the event that you don’t construct any hyperlinks.

I understand you hate this part of SEO, however, guide outreach is among the most effective ways to create links although it’s dull.

1 method to make it simpler is via Ninja Outreach. This expansion shows you each the email addresses associated with a given domain name.

As soon as you find a relevant site which you need to approach to get a backlink chance, you can receive their contact info through a click on a button and begin crafting your customized email.

12. Keywords Everywhere

This is possibly the most popular extension on the market for SEOs.

Keyword Everywhere is excellent for anybody who’s performing keyword research.

Keywords Everywhere will reveal you a laundry list of additional relevant conditions which you are able to go afterward as well.

You can quickly export the listing and compile a master list of keywords which are really worth targeting.

What is handy about Keywords Everywhere is that the data is supplied directly within Google versus needing to attend a particular tool.

13. Fatrank

Even though it’s a terrible habit, as SEOs, most of us obsess about positions.

If you would like a simple and free way to keep track of your rankings, simply place up a job on Ubersuggest.

Another simple solution to observe how you’re standing is using Fatrank.

All you need to do is head to your website, click the Fatrank expansion, and type in a keyword to find out whether you rank to it.

If you do not, it is going to allow you to understand that you don’t rank in the top 100.

I use this as a place check to ensure I’m doing nicely following a significant Google algorithm upgrade.


There are a whole lot of choices in regards to SEO. You only need to get those that work nicely for you.

A simple place to begin is using the extensions that I mentioned previously.

You do not need to use all of them as it could possibly be a little overkill… but you may use any of these or a mix to be certain that your website is optimized.

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