Moving to Krabi, Thailand, for Permanent Residence. Getting a Residence Permit, Buying Real Estate, and Finding a Job

Moving to Krabi, Thailand, for Permanent Residence. Getting a Residence Permit, Buying Real Estate, and Finding a Job

Picturesque landscapes, gentle sea, warm weather, and exotic cuisine attract thousands of tourists to the kingdom’s resorts in Southeast Asia. Some travelers fall so in love with the local color that they seriously consider the possibility of moving to Thailand and its popular locations for a long time. The possibility to select the desired property for sale in Krabi at an affordable price contributes to the welcoming conditions of the island.

There are several ways to get a residence permit and stay in a tropical paradise for a long time.

Getting a Thai residence permit

To obtain a Thai residence permit you must first get a long-term visa, and after 3 years apply for a residence permit. A migrant must submit a package of documents and pass the exam. All the documents should be submitted in English, so prepare the copies beforehand.

The standard package of papers includes:

  • A completed questionnaire, the form of which can be downloaded from the official website of the migration service or received in person at the institution.
  • Color photo of 3,5х4,5 size (3 pcs.).
  • Passport and copies of all its pages.
  • Medical certificates.
  • Documents, confirming marital status.
  • Document the absence of a criminal record.
  • A copy of the education certificate.
  • Receipt of tax payments.
  • Rental agreement or documents about ownership of the real estate.
  • Bank statement for the past 3 years.
  • Notarized birth certificates for children.

Opening a business in Krabi, Thailand

People who have opened a business in the kingdom additionally need to provide:

  • Registration data of the firm.
  • Statements of the company’s activities for the past year.
  • Receipts confirming the payment of taxes by the legal person.

After submitting a package of documents you will need to pass an exam, at which a migration officer will ask 6-12 questions on various topics.

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Real estate rent in Krabi, Thailand

The province of Krabi provides a wide range of hotels, apartments, bungalows, and hostels for accommodation. The cost of renting depends on:

  • Season

In the high tourist season to find good value for money accommodation is not easy. Even in apartments and rooms in poor condition, owners inflate the price by 2-3 times.

  • Duration of the lease.

The longer the stay, the lower will be the price for rent.

  • Remoteness from the center or the beach.

The further away from the center and the sea is the apartment, the cheaper its rent.

During the low tourist season, a house with 1 bedroom and a minimum set of amenities will cost about 8-15 thousand baht per month. For housing with two bedrooms and a pool will have to pay from 15 to 25 thousand baht.

Small apartments in the city center will cost about 13,000 baht per month, and in remote areas, the rent price will be 3000-4000 baht.

Keep in mind that in addition to the rent, you must pay a deposit equal to the amount of rent. The cost of housing does not include payment for water and electricity. On average, 1,000 baht is added each month to the cost of the apartment.

Real estate purchase in Krabi, Thailand

The best types of real estate in Krabi are those that are centrally located and close to amenities. Downtown is a great place to look for apartments and condos that are close to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Depending on the type and location, it is possible to purchase a housing unit starting from 1,5 million up to 30 million baths. The representatives of super-luxury real estate will cost much more. It goes without saying that the number and quality of amenities will differ depending on the price.

The final word

Thailand is an internationally popular destination for tourists, investors, freelancers, and others. People come there for various purposes. Most of them return with the desire to live there permanently. Thailand-Real.Estate will make their dreams come true. The website offers a huge selection of high-quality properties to any taste and budget. Do not hesitate to make the first step to life on a magnificent island.

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