A Future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Future of the Internet of Things

The internet is mainstream but it is no longer alone. The Internet of Things is all the hype of the 21st century. In addition, it has yet to see more innovation and advancement than it has now. This is all possible with continuous automation and technological transformations that are occurring all around the world, shortening the processes that once took months or years.

The world at present moment has seen “change at all levels” and has adapted to it quite well. Nevertheless, this change will become old and new changes will take its place such as with the internet of things.

However, even with the advancements in the internet of things the need for the internet has not diminished but is now more in demand. To be precise, recent and new technologies tend to run on the internet and its interface.

The new technological objects classified as the internet of things also run on the internet and needs a connection to operate and send outbound information, receive information, and interpret or disseminate it for use of the person.

The IoT And  The Internet

To understand it better, we will take an example. Amazon’s Echo device is part of the Internet of Things while Alexa the voice assistant is better said to be a service of it. Therefore, if you gave it a command to call your friend on WhatsApp, it will not be possible without the help of the internet. After all, the internet is a medium of connection between devices and technology. The same is the case if you ask it to play music or jot down a note.

Thus, it is vital to have a good internet plan that offers the best connection because without it the meaning of technology usage is practically lost. In the USA, many people now use the Internet of Things such as Alexa, smart security systems, Google Assistant, or Siri, which would not run without a good internet connection. Thus, make sure you have one too, for example, CenturyLink internet plans in the USA have one of the fastest and smoothest running connections. It has different packages available and is within an affordable range. It can easily operate the Internet of Things such as software and gadgets for example home appliances and equipment, which run on a wireless connection with the help of Wi-Fi.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Examples You Should Know

Smart home appliances

The smart home is a popular IoT application for the home, which is readily available and affordable, but not for all. Many are also not seen as comfortable in AI such as when using Alexa or Siri but not the Gen Z. From Alexa to Nest Thermostat, many things these two can control and coordinate with to make our lives simple reducing task time, which can be spent in ways that are more meaningful.

These are simple, no time is taken to understand or operate, and once you are through this step. You can perform many tasks in a go such as calling someone, sending an email, setting up a date, and having a “less-bragging” form of alarm to give you important instruction and remembering notes so you would never forget anything important in your life again.

Smart security systems

These bring us more safe homes, especially with how chaotic the world is becoming with rising crime rates and criminal activities of all sorts. Single parents or in general can rest easy with smart security devices and 24/7 monitoring from their offices or wherever they are. This also works in bigger homes with home staff, which easily be checked and controlled in terms of theft or anything that may abide by ethical work habits. Health monitors at hand

Connected cars

The vehicles have internet access and can be monitored and kept a check on. There are other more convenient rewards of this such as setting up “keyless” locks to the doors and the trunk, which make it hassle-free even more than before. In case of a break-in or being stolen, you will know at an instance, which is a great plus.

Smart Cities

With the connections of data and devices, everything in the city can be controlled and monitored to reduce crime such as catching burglars through CCTV footage, pollution through fining the people who throw out the garbage or misuse garbage areas. The bus stops and car-hailing can be made hassle-free, calling the police and ambulance could be easy, arrival time reduced due to traffic checks, and blocked roads would be predicted, etc.


Watches will no longer tell time and phones no longer will be handheld. AI and tech devices will improve to create innovation, a revolution in the tech market with holographic, and AI-controlled devices, which can be lighter, smaller, and easier to use such as Google glass but is not commercially available due to monitoring concerns amongst the public. However, this is a glimpse into a future where everything is simple and easy to do and perform.

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The Future of IoT & A Revolution in Process

According to some projections, there will be more than 21 billion IoT devices in use by 2025. According to other projections, the figure will be significantly higher.

As Google Duplex is already capable of carrying on real-world conversations. In addition, virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant grow into real artificial intelligence; they will most certainly enable more IoT devices and functionalities on those devices. In a revolutionary sense, it is not hard to imply that Jarvis-type assistants just like Tony Stark will manage all of our houses.

Nevertheless, well, you never know with these things. When we first connected to dial-up internet, we did not imagine we would have Alexa-enabled speakers and voice-controlled robotic vacuum cleaners. The future is uncertain than ever.

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