AI and IoT – A Blend in Bright Future Technologies

AI and IoT – A Blend in bright Future Technologies

The near future is automation, in which Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things collectively will rule the technical facets of our own lives.

With the arrival of Smart Watches, Voice Assistants and Smart Cars, the 1 thing we all can be certain of is that the future will be filled with similar apparatus that can make our life simpler, our surroundings safer and also the gadgets we use will probably be much more personalized than ever before.

Based on research conducted by McKinsey, AI and automation will be liable for fostering the global market by boosting the growth of companies.

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is your brains embedded in machines that are trained to impersonate animal or human intelligence, emotions, and behavior.

To put it differently, AI is a computer application that’s developed in ways so it has its own believing and learns from its own experiments/experiences.

By way of instance, Alexa is an AI created by Amazon, which can be constructed to function as a Virtual Assistant to people. Alexa is educated to comprehend human language, comprehend instructions so she is able to meet the tasks that are guided, such as placing timers, playing audio, buying markets, etc..

Interesting fact: The planet’s most famous Robot furry friend is Aibo — whose joyful proprietor is Sony. This pet-bot is so smart it may develop its character with time, recognize faces, and communicate with people using tones.

Types of AI

There are four types of Artificial Intelligence which are as follows:

1. Reactive Machines

These are the earliest kinds of AIs that don’t shop memory or learn from previous experiences/experiments.

They respond to a certain set of inputs and don’t enhance their current operations according to their prior pursuits.

2. Limited Memory

All these AIs are a better variant of Reactive Machines and therefore are capable of learning from their previously gathered information.

The majority of the present-day AI is sold under this category. All these AIs are trained using humongous data and utilize their memory from prior actions to specify the solution for existing issues.

3. Theory Of Mind

Theory Of Mind is a really innovative category in AI where many researchers are still happening. These are the forms of AIs that people see in science fiction films or shows. All these AIs have the capacity of understanding individual needs, intent, and shape choices dependent on the AI theory.

A booming area of study named Artificial Emotional Intelligence caters to those AIs. Hence, in the long run, AI machines may be able to understand our thought processes and socialize together based on our own feelings, beliefs, situation, etc..

4. Self-awareness

This class of AIs will possess self-awareness or understanding and will be the culmination of all AI development.

AI development would need to achieve this point to get thoughts of their own.

Fact: This progress within the area of AI could be harmful to the human race also, and lots of laws have been proposed by many associations to ensure human freedom is respected within AIs.

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Why AI is Important?

AI(s) will play a crucial role in our future because:

  • AI aids in reducing human error and functions with outstanding accuracy. This capability is extremely helpful, particularly in the area of health care.
  • AI makes our life simpler by adding intelligence to the apparatus we use. The majority of the repetitive tasks such as cleaning, shopping, etc., could be decreased using an AI-bot.
  • This technology can make travel easy for individuals as autonomous vehicles will create driving unnecessary.
  • Virtual Trainers can help human instructors in catering to the individual needs of kids in the education domain.
  • AI digital assistants will alter present customer support providing personalized help to clients and thus improving client satisfaction.
  • From the entertainment area, AI will create films, shows, music, and streaming feeds longer personalized for us, making our decision procedure simpler.

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things would be that the interconnection of various bodily objects linked to the net who communicate with each other with wireless transmission of information. This sending and receiving of information do not need human intervention.

These items are embedded with sensors, actuators, applications, etc.

The Internet of Things was a pioneer in changing the way we speak with our apparatus.

Let’s look at some figures.

  • Every moment, 127 new IoT apparatus are becoming connected to the world wide web!
  • The market for wearable apparatus boosted to 223 percent in 2015
  • 54 percent of executives that employed AI and IoT within their Company assert it’s improved their productivity tremendously
  • Automotive IoT Market will be valued at 541.73 Billion by 2025

IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Things may play a prominent part in advancing Healthcare, along with the earnings are estimated for a whopping 135 billion by 2025.

Fitness apparatus such as gym, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors will probably shortly be IoT optimized so the patient has been treated timely.

Some other programs of IoT in the Medical domain are:

  1. Ease of monitoring in essential medical staff and health care gear, particularly in the event of crises.
  2. Real-time observation of individuals and creating alerts to the doctor in the event of any abnormality.
  3. Remote observation of patients by physicians so that patients do not need to remain in the hospital or see the hospital regularly.

How AI Enhances IoT?

The Web of items along with Artificial Intelligence hugely matches each other. IoT devices accumulate substantial quantities of information during operations with the assistance of the detectors that may be employed by AI to enhance the operation of their apparatus.

Based on the study, 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are made by IoT apparatus daily.

By being AI optimized, IoT apparatus can learn the routine of this environment they’re working in, find anomalies, if any, and decrease downtime.

By way of instance, MindAI is a thermostat that learns how you enjoy your space temperature and learns just how you fix your temperature a day. After learning your behavior, it corrects the AC with no intervention so you get maximum relaxation. When it was not AI optimized, then this thermostat could have conducted your AC in a predetermined temperature that you would provide as the input signal.

Other benefits of AIoT or Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI+IoT) are:

  • Evaluation of information so gathered is optimized and functions as comments for future surgeries.
  • Increases freedom of the devices because they AI embed them thus learning previous routines
  • Decreases the downtime
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of procedures
  • Supply more usable insights

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Role of AI in IoT Security

With the expanding amount of IoT apparatus, Cyber Attackers are working on approaches to penetrate those networks to access data that is essential. The attacks on those vulnerable IoT devices could be harmful to associations that are determined by them.

That is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

According to a study conducted at the University of District of Columbia, the use of AI in deploying safety to IoT helps us in realizing its entire potential.

But how will AI help in providing security to IoT devices and networks?

AI will aid in tracking the system continuously. The routines of the prior attacks can help AI in knowing what future attack situations might seem like and thus create solutions to solve them. This can be known as predictive evaluation, which helps to fight altered safety hazards.

Hence equipped with preceding data AI can boost the security part of their apparatus. AI will also aid in tracking those devices without human interference and automate the procedure.

How AI and IoT are Changing Digital Word (Technology)

The next chart can assist you in estimating the increase on the marketplace that AI and IoT, when combined together, will catch, obviously in the approaching future, both the technologies together will soon be dominating the Tech Industry.

AI and IoT collectively (or even AIOT) will place the basis of the automation globe as we’ll know it. Together with the capacity of IoT apparatus to capture massive amounts of information in the surroundings as well as the Artificial Intelligence model’s capacity to extract valuable data from IoT — they could execute improved solutions.

Both technologies together will alter the company’s situation around the globe.

Fact:  AI and IoT collectively are projected to achieve a market size of 16.2 Billion with a CAGR growth rate of 26 percent.

Here are some ways where we could analyze the effect AIOT will have on our company sectors:

  1. Firms that employ AIOT are going to have the advantage over their opponents as they can receive more detailed insights which weren’t known previously.
  2. Hiring procedures will become more organized and quicker. The procedure for recruiting can be exceedingly time-consuming when done the conventional way. Background test, hunting specific skill sets and expertise, analyzing the individual’s behavior gets simpler with AIOT engagement.
  3. The majority of the industrial jobs will get automatic, safer, and much more precise.
  4. These technologies make it possible for companies to perform the processing from the IoT apparatus themselves, therefore, raising the safety of information and saving period.
  5. Consumer behavior patterns can be tracked, and the buying power of the targeted customer can be examined easily.

In summary, the companies will end up smarter, quicker and also their scalability will become simpler.

Examples of AI and IoT in Action


Smart Home is the umbrella term for a variety of technologies that make an individual’s life simpler, safer, and digitized in the home. Each of the apparatus we use in your home, be it, Television, washing machine, air-conditioner microwave, or our easy door becomes smart as soon as they’re linked to the web.

These appliances may be outfitted with different AI technologies, by way of instance, voice recognition, face recognition, etc., so they add more significance to our own lives and thus making it simpler.

Bright Speakers have made a fantastic place on the current market, with AIs such as Alexa, Siri, and Google currently becoming household names.


Google Self-Driving auto name Waymo remains under testing and will be released shortly.

Following are a few of the advantages these automobiles will provide:

  • All these driverless cars are attached to each other and thus communicate crucial information to one another, for instance, traffic lighting stats, street congestion, etc. This assists in saving fuel for the automobile and thus reduces emissions.
  • Considering these vehicles are attached to every other and into the world wide web they will always attempt to discover the best means to attain the passenger and into their own destination. Thus saving passenger’s timing in addition to reducing traffic.
  • These automobiles will improve passenger’s experience whilst traveling and increase the security parameter because the odds of error are extremely low compared to human motorists.


Wearable technology such as Smart Watches is now highly common. These watches monitor your sleeping patterns, heart rate, exercise regimen consistently and provide you an evaluation of your wellbeing.

In health care sectors, wearable technology has been researched so they can alert the individual, their loved ones, or physician if any abnormality can be found within the body operate. The wearable aids in wasting no time for healing the individual.


Farmers have begun embracing precision agriculture that utilizes AI technologies to help them maintain a watch on diseases and insects that attack crops.

A few AI models help in predicting the seasons and forthcoming weather patterns, which help the consumer make better preparation for a fantastic excellent harvest. Drones empowered with computer vision, and profound learning are utilized by farmers to examine the regions of farms that may be improved further.

AI detectors are assisting farmers in determining which herbicide will likely be best suited for specific marijuana and help in determining the precise amount required. This aids in reducing the excessive usage of herbicides in crops that are advantageous both for the environment and individual ingestion.


AIOT assists them to automate the procedure, and AI versions using their boundless learning capacity are effective enough to manage altered attacks.

IoT devices assist businesses not to be completely determined by a processor cloud. As the majority of the processing and investigation occurs in a dispersed fashion, the danger of a data breach or information vulnerability reduces to a fantastic extent. This also assists in reducing the period of their processing.

Many banks have embraced artificial intelligence to make conclusions on fraud quicker. These technologies also assist in providing greater insights into tradings, stock markets, and even forecasting financial markets and thus reducing the financial loss for those organizations.


The near future will belong to those who embrace AI and IoT to scale their companies. Companies like Amazon, Tesla, Google, and Apple have started harnessing the advantages of AIOT.

The Internet of Things aids in gathering, processing, and analyzing information at each step and thus provides valuable insights into these procedures. The execution of the outcomes from these is quicker compared to standard procedures, as a result of the constant understanding of Artificial Intelligence versions.

These technologies have made an impact on customers’ lives that we can view together with the rising prevalence of speakers, smartwatches, smart vehicles.

Collectively these technologies will likely be accountable for the digitization of all of the sectors and deliver enormous changes in our own lives through automation.

Written by
Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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