From EVs to Public Transportation — How Technological Innovations of Today are Influencing the Future of Transport

EVs to Public Transportation

Automakers are shifting to electric vehicles, which could make up to one-quarter of new sales by 2030, according to analysts’ projections. However, even in 2050, when EVs are projected to make up to 60% of new sales, the majority of vehicles on the road would still run on gasoline. While such predictions may sound discouraging to those hoping for a more drastic shift on the road in the future, there are still plenty of tech innovations out there that will undoubtedly change transportation for the better. From EV innovations to advancements regarding public transportation, here’s what you should know.

Noteworthy EV advancements

While the concept of electric vehicles is becoming more and more mainstream, there are numerous technological innovations that are likely to heavily influence the future of vehicles. For instance, in 2019, Kia Motors unveiled their Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D.) system, which utilizes interior monitoring technology. According to hotcars.com, this technology is a multimodal recognition system that scans an occupants’ body to assess their physical state in real-time, ultimately with the goal of enhancing safety while on the road by making suggestions based on the data that is collected.

For example, this could prove to be helpful in detecting a driver who may be stressed or distracted. Hotcars.com also makes note of biometric technology as a likely future tech trend among vehicles, which may be able to offer tamper-proof passwords and heightened security, with Hyundai’s 2018 fingerprint scanner serving as a prime example of such technology.

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A host of innovative features

In addition to general technological innovations that are likely to become more mainstream in the future, it’s important to realize the current advancements available. When it comes to vehicle size, full-size trucks such as Ford’s F-250 or F-350 work to bring spacious beds that are perfect for hauling a variety of materials. For those seeking an EV truck, however, Ford’s F-150 Lightning is just one prime example that is packed with tech features — for instance, the company’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology aids greatly in navigating situations that require the hooking up and backing up with a trailer through the use of cameras, according to one review.

And, while still a work in progress and not currently widely available, Ford’s BlueCruise technology is also a major feature likely to become a major and widely used feature in the future. Bringing innovations such as lane assist, and the ability to recognize street signs to ensure you’re obeying traffic laws.

Sustainability and public transportation

While tech innovation is plentiful in both EVs and trucks alike, there are also major strides in the making in terms of public transportation. With Americans taking an impressive 9.9 billion trips on public transportation back in 2019, according to the American Public Transportation Association, technology can go a long way in heightening the environmental benefits involved. According to Forbes, for instance, telematics technology is becoming a way to provide transportation fleet managers with data in real-time in order to aid in identifying and addressing things like temperature control, fuel levels, and optimal driving routes.

Predictive analytics can also greatly benefit the public transportation industry as well, as the tech allows for valuable insight when it comes to issues like better energy management. While these technologies can present a host of benefits on their own, however, Forbes notes that more cities in the US are also working on transitioning their fleets to fully electric and zero-emissions buses — further allowing for additional benefits where maintenance and fuel costs are concerned.

The prevalence of electric vehicles only scratches the surface where technological advancements in the auto industry are concerned. From Ford’s innovative features such as BlueCruise technology to Kia Motors’ R.E.A.D. system and even general advancements towards elevated public transportation, there’s no doubt that such technology points towards an equally innovative future.

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