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Geo-Marketing Can Completely Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy – Here’s How


Geo-marketing takes traditional forms of marketing and elevates them to the next level using location-based intelligence to plan and execute strategies that will effectively reach the right audience. The tactic uses precise GPS satellite positioning to create a virtual boundary for mobile targeting purposes. This allows companies and brands to make sure that they are not spending valuable time and money advertising to someone who based on location alone would not be interested in a certain product or service.

With technology developing at an alarming rate, location-based marketing tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated, allowing us to tap into the behavioral patterns of our audience and how we can effectively segment our audience based on the movement of each unique individual.

If you are new to this concept – trust us, it is one that can change the outlook of your entire restaurant business. Don’t believe it yet? Keep on reading.

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Benefits of Geo-Marketing

While we touched on a few benefits above, the pros certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to geo-marketing. Some other benefits that you can enjoy from the fruits of your labor include:

A. Identifying new customers

Geo-based marketing will allow you to tap into an audience that may have never been on your radar previously

B. Monitor opinions in real-time

Geo-marketing allows us to take that new audience that we just discovered and track them closely. We can even monitor what they are up to and their patterns of behavior on social media, acquiring important data like what they said about our company, our competitors and how we can best interact with them to convert them into a customer.

C. Identify new business opportunities

Let’s not forget about the fact that geo-marketing can help us expand our current network. Taking in the information that we’ve learned based on location, we can target new regions with audiences that closely match those already interested in our product or service. This can help you make super important business decisions, such as whether or not to expand your restaurant into various areas of the city.

D. Build loyalty

We’ve saved the best for last – since customer loyalty is the pinnacle of all business success. There is nothing that says more about a happy customer than one that becomes a return customer. With the advent of social media today, these customers are even likely to become brand advocates, spreading the word about what makes you awesome online to simply express their levels of satisfaction. Knowing where a buyer is at all times can help us to create strategies that reward customer loyalty.

Strategies to use Geo-Marketing

A. First and foremost, know your audience

An easy way to learn more about your audience is by tapping into Google Analytics. Here, you can navigate to Audience > Geo > Location to get an overview of the countries that most of your visitors come from.

Then, click on the country to break the chart down by local area. You can also set up secondary dimensions, allowing you to track information like mobile users in a specific area of town.

B. Optimize online platforms for geo-marketing

This involves tactics such as:

  • Using schema markups on your website and all local business pages
  • Listing your business on all relevant platforms
  • Ensure SEO is up-to-date on all pages of the website
  • Get set up and ready to go when the ads are prepared on Facebook and Google Adwords

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C. Get personal with campaign creation

Now comes the fun part – taking all of the information that you’ve learned about the intimate behaviors of your audience and getting creative. Here are two ideas to get that creativity flowing, right off the bat:

D. Create a visually appealing, high-quality restaurant menu

While there are many affordable graphic design platforms at our disposal today, we are a fan of PosterMyWall. With thousands of ready-made templates, the intuitive platform is useful for business owners who don’t necessarily have relevant design experience but want to create beautiful graphics on a budget.

Here, you can create an effortless restaurant menu design that matches the look and feel of your unique business. PosterMyWall’s restaurant menu templates can easily be customized with your own font, images, and more to personalize it perfectly.

Or consider an online flyer

PosterMyWall can also be used to create an online flyer to announce an upcoming promotion. Its restaurant flyer templates are just as customizable, allowing users to create a professional-looking graphic for social media promotion in just minutes.

Next steps

A little research goes a long way when it comes to geo-marketing for your business. Starting with the research process, we can learn a lot about what our customers want out of our business. We can use this data to target our customers properly and send them the messaging that would resonate with them the most. These are the tactics that we would recommend that you use to grow your restaurant business.

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Zoey Riley

Zoey Riley is editor of The Tech Trend. She is passionate about the potential of the technology trend and focusing her energy on crafting technical experiences that are simple, intuitive, and stunning.  When get free she spend her time in gym, travelling and photography.

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