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Grow Your Business Using Telegram, Try it Once

Grow Your Business Using Telegram, Try it Once

Telegram is being used by Companies for Promotion because professionals are realizing the benefits of the platform maybe even more than WhatsApp

During the pandemic, the use of Telegram has blown because of user-friendly attributes that can specifically benefit businesses. With over 400 million active monthly users and 70 billion messages which are shared on the platform every day, the platform is budding in terms of engagement and opportunities. Telegram is being used by companies for promotion because professionals are realizing the benefits of the platform might be even more than WhatsApp. Here are some reasons why you should consider marketing your company on Telegram.

Telegram is a top engagement platform

Telegram is a top engagement platform since it’s gifs, and program developers can also create their own capabilities. According to research, Telegram has a view rate of 20 percent, whereas Instagram has 3 percent and Facebook has 4 percent.

According to Punyashloka Panda, founder of the experiential education startup, Blueyard Education, “Since we’re a lively millennial oriented startup, we utilize Telegram advertising features as much as Instagram. The high engagement rate ensures that our audiences are more conscious about our brand and its offerings. The large group size has also helped me to amplify brand message into the audience.”

Telegram’s engagement is especially more applicable during the pandemic since most millennials reach a burning point on Instagram every day and need to explore other apps.

Telegram has no limit on group size

When you are marketing your brand, you want it to reach a maximum number of people. WhatsApp has restricted the size of its groups to 200, which significantly reduces networking opportunities. There’s absolutely no set size on Telegram. Hence, whenever you announce Telegram, it is very likely to reach more people. Some popular groups on Telegram have over 1 million followers. Tapping into these groups can increase the range of your new or new announcements your business would like to make.

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For businesses that want to amplify their reach on Instagram and Facebook, Telegram pods are a powerful tool. A Telegram pod is made up of people that are enthusiastic about the brand. They enjoy pictures and comment on the post when it’s shared on a Telegram group.

Telegram pods can be of best use for companies that have a strong technological existence and are aware of programming robots and additional features. For firms that do not know programming, the creation of robots can be expensive. There are lots of basic and free bots on the platform. All these free bots can be used to create reminders from the corporation’s end and keep audiences engaged. Instead of someone needing to physically send out continuous reminders to groups, the bots send it out as intended.

Be in touch with other

On platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, most manufacturers need to be’followed’. Hence, there is no factor of intimacy between the brand and the customer. However, on Telegram, marketing operates in the kind of groups’. Marketing is much more impactful on Telegram because customers feel like they’re a part of a larger group with similar interests and larger brand philosophy. The feeling of participation is mutual because individuals feel as though they are being communicated with directly. In a world where technology is making everybody feel more isolated, Telegram creates a more human marketing atmosphere.“Unlike Instagram, on Telegram, I feel like I am a part of something larger. Whenever someone posts a message associated with a brand on any group, I know that the message is coming from a human. It is not a brand that’s trying to talk to me. Instagram does the opposite.” This explains the success and higher participation rate of Telegram.


Telegram bots are a powerful tool for marketing

Telegram bots can be produced on the stage to automate marketing. Rather than sending reminders to people who are a part of Telegram social, companies can create a bot to do the work. In the long term, marketing via Telegram bots is more cost-effective. Once a bot is created, it can be used endlessly.

It can help to increase social media presence

Since Telegram is growing in terms of opportunities and users, it’s beneficial to have some type of presence on the stage. Since Telegram groups may be used to increase engagement across Instagram and Facebook too, Telegram can contribute towards other social networking channels.

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“In a world where brands are working to increase connections with people virtually, Telegram is a strong platform to communicate brand philosophy. We’ve been using Telegram to improve our reach on other platforms by diverting traffic. This has helped involvement with our brand to rise across different social media platforms,” says Harsh Karamchandani, co-founder of schooling startup Edunify.

Telegram is a more secure program

Many companies are using Telegram since it’s a more secure application. Over increasing concerns over WhatsApp’s security and encryption, Telegram has been more secure for people to discuss business and converse with their teams. Many companies are using Telegram to have talks with their staff as virtual work has increased during the pandemic. Telegram also has choices of secret chats and self-destructive messages which are not available on WhatsApp.

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