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How do I Find Salon Equipment To Start A New Business?

How do I Find Salon Equipment To Start A New Business

The right equipment can make your salon stand out from the rest and give clients a memorable experience. There are many options available for equipment that can be used in any size salon, regardless of budget. You can find excellent used equipment for beauty and hair salons, depending on your budget.

How much does salon equipment cost?

This is where budgeting can be difficult as the costs can vary. Budgeting for new equipment is complicated because of a number of factors.

First, prices for new and used items can differ. Usually used is cheaper. The type of equipment that you are purchasing is also important. Some items, such as salon chairs, can be quite expensive at around $700-800. For a nail salon, equipment such as a manicure chair may not be necessary. They can run around $300-400.

You may already be familiar with how you can open a nail salon. For example, you can plan the salon’s space and a maximum number of clients at once.

12 Best Places to Buy New Salon Equipment

We’ve collected the top options for salon equipment if you find purchasing new equipment. These options are affordable and high-quality, and they can be purchased for different budgets.

1. AB Salon Equipment

They were established in 1982 and have a Florida shop as well as an online store. This makes it easy to find what you need. They also offer new and custom salon furniture, as well as spa and barber equipment.

2. Salon Equipment USA

Salon Equipment USA has a wide range of furniture and equipment. These include seating, styling stations, and shampoo stations as well as hairdryers and color centers. Because they offer many options for every type of item, they are an excellent choice if you are looking for many types of items. This makes it easier to find furniture that matches your decor.

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3. Minerva Salon Equipment

Minerva Beauty also has an in-store showroom in Georgia and an online shop. Minerva Beauty offers wholesale furniture at a low price and is high-quality. Minerva Beauty offers a variety of salon, barber, and mani-pedi options. This makes it more versatile and easier to choose from.

4. Belvedere Salon Equipment

Belvedere Salon Equipment is a great choice if you are looking for salon furniture at a high price. They offer a complete product catalog and designer services. Belvedere Salon Equipment can be found in different cities or online because they have many distributors and networks.

5. Collins Salon Equipment Store

Collins offers made-to-order and quick-ship salon furniture, with a focus on fast delivery. You can visit the showroom to see all the items that are made in Tenneesee. You can also buy online, or find the items through a network of distributors.

6. Salon Smart Store

Salon Smart offers a wide range of stylish and fashionable items. They carry both salon equipment, such as shampoo chairs and nail salon products. You can also purchase items online or at their showroom in Florida.

7. Cosmoprof Salon and Spa Equipment

Cosmoprof offers both online and physical shopping. If you are unable to afford all the products in one go, financing options can be arranged. There are many options for both salons and spas that offer hair-styling products.

8. Keller International Salon Equipment

Keller International provides salon chairs and stations that are professional-grade and heavy-duty. They offer a stylish and practical selection of products that will make your salon look great. You can also get fast shipping within 3-8 business days to help you quickly set up a customer.

9. Wholesale Salon Equipment Company

Wholesale Salon stocks stylish and modern equipment, just like Keller. The vast selection of products they offer is affordable and they can also provide financing. They have a great customer service team that is available to answer any questions and are known for producing high-quality products with a beautiful appearance.

10. Sally Beauty Salon Equipment Store

Sally Beauty is a strong brand in the industry, and salon equipment is no exception. They offer a wide range of brands so you can compare them. You can find heavy equipment and accessories online, so it’s a one-stop-shop.

11. Buy Rite Salon Equipment

Buy-Rite is also known for its affordability and high-quality products. You can shop online or visit a showroom in your area to plan. Products can be customized in different styles and colors, which makes them ideal for your brand.

12. Amazon

Amazon is the best option if you are in a rush. Because they sell different brands, Their selection is similar to many other sites that give salon equipment for sale. This makes it easy to find the right product for you. Although the prices may differ if you order from a third party rather than directly from Amazon, it is clear that Amazon will be able to deliver faster.

Where to Find Used Salon Equipment to Add to Your Shopping Cart

If you are looking for a way to save money but not compromise on quality, buying used salon equipment is often the best option.

You can save money on used products, especially when you are just starting out. Once you start taking on clients, you will be able to make improvements and decide what you want to buy next. You might consider using used products if you are just starting out or don’t have the funds to invest in your salon.


eBay is likely to be your first stop when you are looking for used equipment. You can find used equipment at a variety of prices depending on your budget. However, you’ll need to do some research to find the right products. Shipping fees will apply because the product is sold online.


Craigslist is the best option to quickly find local equipment. You can sell listings quickly so you need to contact the seller immediately if you spot something that you like. You will need to meet the seller personally, inspect the item, and then pay in cash.

Wholesale Salon Equipment

Wholesale used salon equipment is also available. This means that items already marked down will be even lower. It is also possible to purchase online, which makes it more convenient.


Amazon has a wide selection of used and new products you can choose from. You will usually find used equipment cheaper than new so it can be a great way to keep your budget in check.

American Beauty Equipment Store

American Beauty offers used salon equipment at a deep discount, making it an attractive option. You can trust their authenticity and quality. Plus, you can order online and have your items shipped right away.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another alternative to Craigslist. Although prices will be significantly reduced, it will still require you to meet with sellers to pick up the products and to pay them. This can prove to be very inconvenient. You will need to act quickly if you see items that are on sale to get bargains.

More Ways to Buy Salon Equipment

You have other options when it comes to buying equipment for a salon. To find out if someone is trying to sell or to get rid of equipment before moving, you can contact local beauty networks. You may also be able to reach out to closing salons to inquire if they are willing to buy your equipment. And you can buy salon equipment from salon equipment wholesalers

Finding Beauty Salon Equipment

First, identify your needs to find the best beauty and nail salon equipment. Start by buying styling chairs, a reception table, and makeup tools.

There are many great options for beauty salon equipment.

  • Sally Beauty
  • Wholesale Salon Equipment
  • Salon Equipment USA
  • Collins Salon Equipment

Finding Hair Salon Equipment

Similar to the previous step, it is important to plan and purchase key equipment if you’re in the research section of How to Open a Hair Salon and find salon equipment. These include styling chairs, hairdressers, shampoo chairs, and shampoo bowls. Reception desks, dryer chairs, heavy-duty commercial vacuum, as well as general salon furniture.

Find hair salon equipment here

  • Cosmoprof
  • Buy Rite
  • AB Salon
  • Belvedere

What equipment do you need to start a salon?

You will need different equipment depending on what type of salon you want to open. as beauty salons and hair salons have different needs.

These are the main items you will need:

  • Salon chairs
  • Supply trolleys
  • Hair styling products
  • Scissors, combs, brushes
  • Makeup tools
  • Reception desk

How do I buy commercial salon equipment?

Many retailers offer online and physical sales of commercial salon equipment. Depending on your needs, you can purchase new or used commercial salon equipment.

Where do salons buy their products?

Online retailers and showrooms are two options for salons to purchase their products. As it can sometimes be cheaper, many salon owners buy used equipment from other salon owners on Craigslist or eBay.

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