Charter Spectrum Claims to Have The Fastest Internet in the US

Charter Spectrum Claims to Have The Fastest Internet in the US

If you’re in the market to switch wireless providers, Spectrum Mobile might be a smart choice right now. With lower prices, no contracts, no credit checks, and all the newest devices available; Spectrum Mobile was already a pretty good deal. Now Charter Spectrum has another talking point to boast about; their research and external third-party research show they now have the fastest mobile internet in the United States.

Spectrum Mobile Uses Verizon Wireless Network

Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO; mobile virtual network operator that operates on Verizon Wireless’ network. Charter Spectrum does not own its own wireless network infrastructure the same way that Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile do. Spectrum Mobile and other MVNOs like Boost Mobile and Straight Talk work by making agreements with wireless providers that do own their network infrastructure. They strike beneficial deals for both parties buying wholesale minutes, texts, and data at a low cost and reselling to you, the customer for a profit. MNVOs don’t have tons of options or deals because they’re meant to be a low-cost, no credit check, start and pause service option.

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Can Charter Spectrum’s Claims Be True?

So how is this possible? How can Charter Spectrum have the fastest internet in the US if they use Verizon Wireless’ network? The claim doesn’t make any sense at first, but it actually could be possible. Charter Spectrum has a unique advantage that Verizon Wireless and other mobile providers don’t have; access to a huge Wi-Fi network that spans nationwide over 41 states.

If you’re a Spectrum internet customer you may already know this, but Charter Spectrum has carefully placed Wi-Fi hotspot access points within their service area initially created as an extra benefit to their internet customers. Say you’re traveling for the holidays or you have a business trip. If where you’re going is in a Spectrum city or town, you have access to Wi-Fi hotspot points at no extra cost to you. This added benefit was especially beneficial back in the days when not everyone had a smartphone in their pocket. While we’re sure there are still many Spectrum customers that take advantage of this benefit, Spectrum has found another use for it through their mobile business.

80% Of Their Data Transmits Over Spectrum’s Wi-Fi Hotspots

Spectrum is utilizing these Wi-Fi hotspot areas to further support, speed up and enhance their Spectrum Mobile service that’s mostly supported by Verizon Wireless now. Charter Spectrum reports that approximately 80% of their data happens over these Wi-Fi hotspots, which is typically faster than any cellular network.

Collected Data From Third Parties Supports Spectrum’s Claims

While Charter Spectrum’s claims sound outlandish, third-party research companies like The Nielson Co. and Global Wireless Solutions have collected data that actually supports Charter’s claims. Spectrum Mobile recently released information that their customers are experiencing faster data speeds than 43% of Verizon’s customers, 41% faster than T-Mobile’s customers, and 29% faster than AT&T’s customers. The combined cellular speeds by Verizon and Spectrum’s 500,000+ Wi-Fi hotspot access points are making this possible.

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