Top 10 Best Language Learning Apps for Android Smartphone

Top 10 Best Language Learning Apps for Android Smartphone

Learning a new language requires immense patience, commitment, and practice. You will want to learn a completely different set of grammar and vocabulary, in addition to the perfect pronunciation, use of phrases, cultures, and a whole lot more. Luckily, here are the best language learning apps that may make life somewhat simpler for you, so much as learning new languages is concerned.

There may be a number of reasons why you would need to learn a new language. Whether you would like to know a specific language only for fun or wish to come up with a new set of abilities that may help you professionally, then there are apps for all your requirements. To help locate the best appropriate app for you, we’ve put together a listing of the top 10 best language learning apps for Android.

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Top 10 Best Language Learning Android Apps 2021 Downloads

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Top 10 Best Language Learning Android Apps 2021

1. Duolingo

Duolingo makes studying fun. The app intends to assist you to learn a new vocabulary with brief, game-like exercises along with everyday courses which you would never get tired of. Its colorful interface additionally increases the fun piece.

This app offers courses in more than 30 languages and you may register in as many languages as you like at the same time. Obviously, registering in a lot of languages simultaneously would not be perfect if you truly want to find out something. But in the event that you would just like to determine which language is the most enjoyable to understand before devoting your time to it, then you could always do this.

Language courses on Duolingo are not only aimed at an English native speaker. So it is a very pleasant add-on if your native language is not English. The app also provides some additional learning tools like Stories and Events that will assist you to enhance grammar, vocabulary, and basic cognitive abilities.

2. Memrise

Memrise delivers easy-to-understand courses in more than 20 languages. Together with these tailored courses that allow you to learn something new each day, there is also a rich selection of training groups, quizzes, and games that will assist you master a new language. But, that is not the best attribute of Memrise.

This is language learning apps takes the language-learning approach to another level with its own social network component. It provides over 30,000 native speaker movie clips so that you may really learn how a particular word or phrase is declared in a native language, what is the tone and highlight that they use, plus even more. This greatly assists you in enhancing your real life language abilities. Memrise community contains over 50 million language students from various areas of world.

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3. HelloTalk

If Memrise employs the community element to help you learn a language, HelloTalk requires this strategy to a completely different level. In reality, this app is all about learning through community participation. You begin by entering your native language and the terminology that you need to know. The app will then pair you with all native speakers of the language.

This is best android apps for language, You are able to exchange text messages, voice or picture messages, or perhaps make video and voice calls and have a genuine conversation together. In the procedure, you will also help them understand your native language. The app also provides some translation and pronunciation tools.

Long story short, HelloTalk lets you learn how to speak in foreign tongues by conversing with real men and women. This app is best suited to use along with another language learning app so that you can place what you’ve discovered in evaluations.

4. Busuu

Busuu does not offer courses in several languages (12, such as English), but its own courses are effective. Before you enroll in a language, the app makes it possible to determine your existing skills so that you get a customized path. It’s possible to tell the app why you would like to know a specific language and set a target. The app will then offer you a research plan so that you accomplish your target in time. Busuu is the best android apps for learning customized languages and courses.

Busuu includes a community of more than 100 million speakers. You are able to link with them and receive your exercises fixed. Busuu is the best language app, This app also provides a lot of different tools to always keep you in the groove. According to a study, 22 hours of Busuu is equal to a college semester. So you know that it’s quite powerful.

5. Mondly


From the very first day, Mondly enables one to create real-life discussions in a foreign language. Instead of those repetitive language instruction, which can get boring occasionally, this app concentrates on spatial understanding with phrases. In addition you get to listen to proper pronunciations from native speakers and exercise these pronunciations by having discussions with AI chatbots.

Furthermore, unlike several other apps, Mondly enables you to find out some language from any additional languages that it supports. Therefore, even though English is not your native language, this app can be very helpful. It gives a total of 33 terminology choices.

6. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is among the earliest language learning solutions. Now completely updated into a mobile app, the support has existed for decades and provides among the best language learning adventures. It supports more than 20 languages and allows you to select your target, as to why you would like to know a language.

This is best language learning apps, The app focuses on talking skills from the very start. The first lessons include repeating a stated word and identifying spoken phrases and words and fitting them with pictures on the monitor. Lessons are broken into 10-minute segments in order that they fit into any app.

7. Drops

Drops concentrate on teaching language through examples. These visuals are intended to make you feel studying a new language pleasure, as opposed to an interesting lesson. Therefore, there is little to no attention to grammar. Instead, you will find brief, fast-paced micro-games that enable you to understand vocabulary and conversational abilities. As you begin talking more and more, grammar type matches in automatically.

This app provides visual language courses in over 40 languages. Not one of the learning sessions is over five minutes, which means it is possible to listen to them anytime and anyplace. Drops additionally has”alphabet” courses for novices in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi languages.

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8. Babbel

The language courses on Babbel would be the greatest suitable for a newcomer. It provides interactive lessons which are broken up into little 10-15 minutes sections and feature several interesting components. You get language lessons tailored for various real-life apps like traveling, work, everyday life, and more, much more.

Babbel features language recognition technology that will assist you to improve your pronunciation. In addition, there are quizzes and review sessions to check what you’ve discovered. Babbel provides over 60,000 lessons in 14 languages. The app already has over 10 million paying consumers around the world, so that you know that it’s quite popular among language students. Babbel is the best learning android apps for Beginners.

9. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp concentrates on reading comprehension. Rather than brief texts which many language learning apps based on their lessons, this app enables you to read long and listen to long stories. You are able to read in your native language in addition to a foreign language side by side. The text is highlighted as you hear or read together. This is the best learning apps, he helps in learning for advanced users.

This audiobook-style strategy is very powerful if you already understand the fundamentals. But if you’re only starting to learn a few phrases in a foreign language, then Beelinguapp might not be of much use to you personally. You may have to enroll in courses from another app too. Beelinguapp supports 14 languages.

10. Mango Languages

Mango Languages provides a massive catalog of languages over 70, to be precise — for native speakers. Included in these are a few languages which are not spoken out in a particular land or area. Additionally, there are English courses for speakers of 21 popular languages of the world. This app is common language learning apps for beginners.

Each of the classes on Mango languages is accepted by linguists and is coordinated with global standards. The app enables you to listen to native pronunciation and find out real-world conversations. You will find interactive reading and listening exercises also.

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