Top 10 Free Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Top 10 Free Way to Find Anyone's Email Address

Recently, I extolled cold emailing as a powerful tool to make valuable connections with professionals and investors. To be successful, you will need to have the email addresses of the people you wish to contact. This article helps you to find the email address.

You could also reach out via social media but this is not always the best way to get in approach. It is best to send a personal email, not a generic marketing email, that helps build a relationship.

Here are 10 free ways to find someone’s email address.

1. Head to the Company Website

Although it may seem obvious, this is a great place to start. Contact information is often provided by companies for certain employees. Don’t ignore this resource because it may seem simple.

After you have arrived at the site, go to the About Us page and see if there are details for employees or executives. You can also find PR contact email addresses in the News section.

Although sometimes the Contact Us page can yield results, more often you will be greeted with a form (and your message is dumped into some customer service bucket somewhere), so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

2. Google It

You can find a lot of information online. UnicornGoogle’s Search feature may be your key to finding it.

It is possible to search someone’s name with the words “email” and “contact” to locate their email address. It is possible.

Alternatively, you can try different combinations such as the name of the person and the title or company name.These options are easy to find and take only a few seconds.

3. Extrapolate Based on Known Email Addresses

Nearly every company uses the same format for emails (like [firstname]@[company]. [lastname]@[company]. [com]

It is easy to find an email address for a company employee by looking at the formatting.

This only works if the person’s name is available. It can get more complicated for people with common names (“John Smith”), where there may be multiple people with the same name or names that have multiple variations (Robert. Bob. Rob).

Even if you get connected with the wrong person you might still be able to obtain their email address. This is if there is a reply to your message or if your message is forwarded to the correct recipient. It’s worth trying, as long as you don’t reveal any information that should not be seen or will be viewed as a possible phishing attempt.

Also, if you have any other email addresses of this person, you can use a reverse email lookup tool like this to find other email addresses connected to the same person. This can be helpful if, for instance, you only can find their personal or old college email, and want to reach out to their business email to appear more professional.

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4. Dig In with Advanced Google Search

An AdvancedGoogle Search will helps you verify that your guess at an email address was correct.

Enter the mail address that you believe to be right into the search box with quotes on both sides, such as “”.

You may find it in the search results if you are right. Try other options until you find the unicorn email address.

5. Join ZoomInfo

In exchange for providing them with access to your Outlook contacts, ZoomInfo will give you 10 free contacts each month. ZoomInfo has millions (or even millions) of contacts. They also have 6+ million company profiles. Their database is vast.

6. Connect with an Admin

You can contact the administrator if you find the phone number for the department in question.

You don’t want just to ask for an email address because you don’t have it. This will not work if you aren’t creative enough.

After greeting the person, ask them if they can help you. People like to be helpful so this statement is important. Next, ask the admin if they can verify the email address of the person. Then give your best guess as to what that email should look like.

They will usually stop you if you make a mistake, and they will give you the correct address in return.

7. Check Their Social Media Page

People sometimes list their email addresses on social media. Although this isn’t very common, it can be done quickly. Make sure to check your personal and company pages to find any interesting tidbits.

8. Look for Personal Websites and Blogs

There are a lot of blogs and personal websites out there. Many professionals and executives have one to help them establish their personal brand.

You may have trouble finding company-related search results.

People link back to their websites on social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. So check out if they are there and then use that information for additional searches.

Although you may not end up in the person’s email, this can still be as effective as reaching out directly to their company email.

9. People Search Sites

Although this is less common, some people’s search sites allow you to get results free of charge. This approach is worth a shot.

Keep in mind that information found online may be outdated. This can affect your ability to make informed decisions. However, it is worth giving it a try.

10. offers paid search options but you can still look up information “free”. You can request a contact from and they will let you have it for free.

Important to remember that the information provided by users is not guaranteed accurate. It is possible that the person you are trying to connect with is not there.

There are many paid services available if these free options fail to produce the results you require.You can also reach out to someone on social media by sending a message and seeing if they can help you establish a connection.

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