Top 11 Most Effective Sales Tools for Virtual Selling

Top 9 Most Effective Sales Tools for Virtual Selling

We’re in extreme times in company due to COVID-19 — and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Each one of the world’s troubles, now, has driven the tech business to quickly pivot to build services and products to match business virtual needs. Digital everything is at the forefront of everybody’s mind — and virtual selling will keep business and the economy moving. Listed below are the very best sales tools for virtual marketing.

Top Sales Tools for Virtual Selling

1. Prezi Video

It is time to bid farewell to screen-share. Sales pitch presentations are no longer occurring in person, but it does not mean that you want to forfeit the face-to-face link for virtual selling.

Prezi Video is a sales tool that allows you to interact with your onscreen content such as a newscaster or even weather-person as you are current on recorded or live video. Prezi Video enables sales professionals to have a presence inside their visual content whilst keeping eye contact with their audience. Many professionals do not comprehend the eye-contact as crucial to help set the human link and ease the two-way dialogue — but Prezi Video captures that eye contact is vital for successful sales pitches.

During Prezi Video, you are able to picture data, discuss case studies, and display products as you participate and build rapport with prospective clients on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet, and many video conferencing platforms. Sales experts may also utilize Prezi Video to capture memorable and engaging prospecting videos to discuss through email or societal stations. Nifty.

2. Owler

News monitoring tools such as Owler can make certain you remain on top of business updates, announcements, and events without the extra effort. Using Owler, you may produce a personalized news feed to get competitor information — the stage lets users filter at the most relevant information, supplies comprehensive business profiles, and creates automatic insights.

Owler Daily Snapshots attribute is comparable to getting your own theSkimm tailored to your company. In case you were trying to find a signal to grad from Google Alerts, this is it.

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3. Khoros

Community management may feel like a whirlwind sometimes together with the sheer quantity of discussions occurring at any given moment. Khoros turns cacophony into a compact dialog by simplifying social websites listening with automatic insights and offering a clean interface to facilitate community management.

Customer acquisition and involvement do not need to be dizzying in case you’ve got the ideal sales tools.

4. Regie

Many sales tools offer you endless optionality and performance. While that may be fine for grand ventures, most businesses specialize in the item. It is like trying to mow your yard using a helicopter; it is technically possible, but you are likely wasting your time (and cash ).

Regie is a sales engagement tool with guardrails. This instrument takes your advertising list (or client character ) and turns it into qualified sales meetings. Regie streamlines your workflow and targets the very important major indicators — sales meetings and qualified opportunities.

Regie automates repetitive earnings operations jobs and provides timely recommendations on your own sales and advertising strategy. Regie differs not because of those endless things it could do, but due to what it will not do — waste your time.

5. Salesforce

As its name implies, Salesforce is a powerful sales tool. This multifaceted customer relationship management system assists with everything from task management to customer support, employee performance management, and monitoring. It’s possible to customize Salesforce to your own needs utilizing the sleuth of add-ons and construct your own sales toolkit.

6. RankTools

RankTools is vital for any sales team who is based on SEO and moving to 2021, that is going to be nearly everyone as digital marketing has become more important than ever before. RankTools delivers a number of unique products which assist with analysis and reporting and can be pretty much a one-stop shop for all of your search engine optimization needs.

The RankTools SEO Tool package entirely assesses your site to make certain you’re executing all the crucial practices for the ideal SEO optimization, and you can also monitor your competitors’ sites to find out what you are up against. It does not only show where you are lacking but notifies you of the actions that you want to take to enhance.

7. Lucidchart

The plan isn’t anything but a linear procedure, that explains the reason why visualization tools such as Lucidchart deserve a spot on your toolkit for virtual selling. Together with Lucidchart, you can collaborate on free-form diagrams for optimum whiteboarding with your team.

The highly customizable interface enables users to organize, picture, arrangement, brainstorm, and program without devolving into madness. Ditch that the post-its and multi-page word papers — you deserve.

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8. AeroLeads

Any B2B business knows how dull manually searching for prospects can be and the way time-consuming it’s to keep databases current. AeroLeads scouts contact info and stores it in an easy-on-the-eyes interface whilst checking on your current connections for outdated information. Utilize this application to simplify your own contact lookup and keep your information organized and current.

9. CircleBack

We have all had that moment of unlimited scrolling through email threads searching for this 1 individual whose title we vaguely remember. Would you count how many business cards you have lost or thrown in the garbage? Together with CircleBack, you won’t ever need to spend another minute of your time digging.

CircleBack brings contact info from the depths of your discussions (if they’re email exchanges or text messages) and compiles them into one neatly arranged address book. You are able to scan contact cards for info in a minute, delete duplicates, and hope that this instrument stores contact info from all of your interactions so that you can remain productive.

Bonus Tools

10. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is an email signature generator that helps to standardize email sign-offs across the entire company and transform business correspondence into an effective marketing channel.

This email signature management solution offers high-level customization options, including template customization, central management, department layouts, automated distribution, auto-update, banner campaigns, and built-in analytics.

The tool makes it possible to add promotional banners to an email signature, as well as a CTA or links to important pages you want to bring to your recipients’ attention. Newoldstamp is the perfect tool for businesses to boost their brand awareness, drive traffic to their website and generate leads.

11. MySignature

MySignature is an intuitive email signature generator that enables you to generate leads and build brand identity with customized and professional email signatures for free. It’s perfect for freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and customer-facing professionals to build a powerful personal brand online.

This tool provides its users with a wide variety of templates to choose from, so you can be assured there’s something for everybody. By adding clickable email banners, links to landing pages, and interactive CTA buttons,  you can promote your personal brand and services more effectively.

MySignature is easy-to-use, it’s free, and it’s one of the best ways for most people to create a professional signature without any HTML or design chops.


Possessing a good reputation with your clients and knowing your customer’s character has always been a hallmark of good sales in business — rather than so greater than today. Find sales tools that will catapult your revenue from the new year — it begins with a finely-tuned virtual sales tool currently.

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