What Are Some Ways To Solve Broadband Speed Issues?

What Are Some Ways To Solve Broadband Speed Issues

What could be more annoying than a slowing internet connection? If you think about it, then you will notice that there is probably nothing as frustrating as a slow internet speed. Imagine you are attending a high-priority business meeting, having an intense gaming session, or watching the finale of your favorite online series. You are having a great time when all of a sudden, something goes wrong. The screen suddenly freezes and what you see before your eyes turn your mood upside down-a a spinning wheel that is not stopping.

Yes, your internet just ditched you and there is nothing you can do it. This thought makes you anxious and worried at the same time. The speed lags and slowdowns are painful. If you are lucky enough to be a CenturyLink customer, you know what to do to get things right. You can call CenturyLink customer service and seek instant help. Chances are any speed-related issues will be fixed straight away. But that is not something that can be assured in case you have subscribed to any other provider.

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But worry no more, here is what we are to rescue you with some of the most effective tips to fix any of your broadband-related issues. Dive in to find out:

Check your Data Cap

A low subscription from your internet service provider can be optimized for light internet usage but when it comes to heavy and excessive usage, you cannot rely on low speed and moderate speeds. You need something with high speed and greater reliability to support all your devices. It is highly recommended to go for options with a no data cap policy. It is often the monthly data limits that if consumed earlier, cause the speeds to slow down. Your internet service provider throttles your data. So if you are experiencing speed slowdowns, it is recommended that you check your data cap.

Check your Router

One of the simplest ways to fix your internet speed is to unplug your router, leave it for 10 to 30 seconds, and then plug it again. Just like your PC or laptop needs to be refreshed at times, to be in optimum working conditions. Hence if you observe that your internet speed is dropping, the first thing you can try is to restart your router. This might fix the problem and you will experience an instant boost in your internet speeds.

Switch to Ethernet

The majority of the customers prefer using Wi-Fi these days. No doubt wireless internet is more convenient and offers greater ease. Yet it is at times overcrowded and you can experience speed lags. Hence you should consider cable connections like Ethernet to provide you with better speeds and higher reliability.

So, it is recommended that you use Ethernet, for carrying out any high-priority online activities to avoid any speed lags.

Use Ad-Blocking Plugins

You will always see endless ads everywhere on the internet. They can be in the form of pictures, GIFs, or the more annoying auto videos. They also slow down your browser. The best way to deal with them is by installing an Ad-blocking plugin that is often free of cost. They will block your ads and not let them hinder your connection speed.

Use Malware Scanners

Make sure you install good-quality malware or antivirus to keep any cyber threats away. Viruses or malware can create a major speed drag and slow down your connection speeds drastically. Having good antivirus software installed on your computer can save you from such a situation and keep your network protected.

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Contact your ISP

If nothing seems to be working, and you continue to experience speed lags and slowdowns then it is about time that you contact your ISP. You can either inform and inquire about the speed issue or you can upgrade to a high-tier plan that fits your connectivity needs in a better way.

Final Thoughts

With the majority of our personal and professional routines depending on the availability of steady and high-speed internet, slowing internet speeds is something intolerable and the aforementioned ways can help you solve any broadband speed issues instantly.

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