Where to Purchase Studio Apartments and Townhouses in Dubai Marina

Where to Purchase Studio Apartments and Townhouses in Dubai Marina

Checking out apartment property prices in 2022 in the UAE, it is better to purchase rightly and with ample information. Real Estate is in no respect cheap, and it may require a certain guide and proper background checks. This article will focus on where to purchase studio apartments and townhouses and the financial range you can expect or have in mind for properties in Dubai Marina.

Did you know the Marina is well placed and respected amidst Dubai’s domestic areas for family living?

It is among the wonders of the United Arab Emirates’ most famous city – Dubai. This entirely artificial residential hub was constructed by Emaar Properties and encapsulates the best luxurious lifestyle in the city. Voted as the largest artificial Marina and fully equipped with all the soul craves, some nice time, and yummy delicacies nearby. Some of the side attractions in the

Marina includes:

  1. Lucious five-star restaurants to relax and chill: for example, the five-star Pier 7 and other four-star cadres such as Leonardo Restaurant, Zatran Indian Bistro, Asil Restaurant, and other smaller restaurants such as Mina’s kitchen, Dream Dubai, and shores restaurant, etc. These locations ensure that tourists can easily get a good spot to eat a meal while vacationing in the Marina.
  2. Things to do: A jog around the 8km Marina is a great place to start, but there are many nice places to visit or spend quality time in the Dubai Marina. For example, the Cayan Tower is only a stone’s throw, and Skydive Dubai and the Dubai beach are great places to visit.
  3. Sights to see: Other than the beaches, the view is breathtaking; with picturesque scenery.

These characteristics make it impossible for the Marina to run out of visitors. Since apartment property prices in 2022 in Dubai have increased, it may be a great idea to purchase one in the community that guarantees high returns.

Good locations to purchase a studio or townhouse right in the heart of the city. Please note that these available have not been listed in any particular order.

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1. Zurumud

The tower is about 7 minutes from the Dubai Marina and features amazing perks such as; a fine restaurant, a cozy general lounge at the reception, and luxurious apartments on the inside. While some apartments have in-built pools, the Zurumud Tower features an outdoor pool. It is about 19 km from Al Maktoum Airport. You can get studios at the Zurumud Tower from 1 to 2 million AED. There are many bedrooms and studios in the Zurumud Tower.

2. Stella Maris

The Stella Maris is among the surest buildings to get townhouses for sale in Dubai Marina. Due to its peculiar site, it is a great spot for studios and a lounge for tourists, and it might be a tussle to get a spacious townhouse within the area, but thankfully, Stella Maris solves that problem with a handful of 2–4-bedroom townhouses, but it is a bit pricey. You get Canal scenery and a panoramic look from the Stella Maris, it may, however, cost you up to 15 million AED to purchase a studio at the Stella Maris, albeit, it is standard, lovely, and worth every dime.

3. Yacht Bay Tower, Dubai Marina

Enjoy the shoreline scenery of the Marina area from the famous Yacht Bay Tower. The yacht Bay Tower offers many options ranging from studios to a couple of a number of bedrooms and bigger living spaces. They are available for lease and for outright sales at convenient prices. People who have used the apartment or lived there over the years have left great thumps up to the management and that’s a good sign for intending purchasers.

You have to note that the Yacht Bay properties were originally developed in the early 2000s and have been in use since 2009. The buildings are not as modern and aesthetical as the most recent designs, but they are decent, high quality, and well maintained. The Yacht Bay Tower offers a quiet life with no city traffic; with three functional lifts, there’s rarely any gridlock commuting to the various floors. It will cost an average of eight thousand AED to purchase a studio apartment in Yacht Bay.

4. Marina Gate

A studio apartment at the Marina Gate allows you to see the Shores and all the fun places in town. This is another picturesque location to get a large townhouse suitable for family or a group get-together (that is, family-size bedrooms). Properties are advertised and sold annually, so there is likely always an availability. Properties at the Marina Gate are, however, not cheap; you may need to up the budget above a million AED to be able to purchase a great/ nice one.

5. Sparkle Tower, Dubai Marina

Built by the Emirates properties, the Sparkle Tower, Dubai Marina is another impeccable place to purchase studios in Dubai Marina. With starting prices of about eight hundred thousand AED to 4 million AED, you can own studios, even a semi-detached duplex or 3 beds as the case may be. Some perks of the Sparkle wonder are the full marina view and high floors. With about 3 million AED, you can own a family-size apartment of three beds or more in the Sparkle Tower.

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Tips before you take any major steps

Ensure that an expert helps you out with the background work and ensures the apartment’s worthiness before you enter into any contract or take any major steps. This is because sometimes, apartments may look decent and affordable until your estate valuer helps you understand how much maintenance will cost and the current market value vs. expenditure to bring it up to terms with recent standards


This article has discussed the perks of living in Dubai Marina and the places to purchase studio apartments and townhouses within that segment of Dubai city. You will also find the price range for each tower and how to choose and identify the best offers.

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