844 Area Code: A Guide to Toll-Free Number (Location +Legitimate +Block)

844 Area Code

You must have received calls from numbers starting with 844 area code is North American. This is a toll-free number that many big companies use to provide customer service. When you make a call from the number, you don’t need to pay any charges! Isn’t that convenient?

What is the location of Area Code 844?

There is no Individual city, region, or state associated with area code 844.

But have you ever wondered what 800, 833, 844, or 855 these numbers mean and how they work?

Let me explain it to you in simple terms.

What is an 844 Area Code?

The 844 area code is a toll-free number used by businesses across the United States, Canada, and 20 other countries in North America. Companies get special 844 helpline numbers so anyone can call them for free.

For example, if you purchased some items and have some questions or complaints, the company’s number on the box would start with 844. You can call them directly without paying any additional call rates. How awesome is that!

Are all 844 Numbers legitimate?

Yes area code 844 numbers are legitimate, some fraud callers also use such numbers illegally to trick people. They call random people asking for sensitive information like bank details.

How can you identify such spam 844 numbers by signs?

  • The caller is some unknown company
  • Recorded robot voice on the line
  • They keep calling you everyday

So next time an unknown 844 number rings you up, don’t trust them easily! Never share any private information over these uncertainty calls.

How to get an 844 Area Code

  • To get an 844 number, you first need to sign up with a phone service company. Examples are RingCentral, Nextiva, etc. They make it quick and hassle-free for businesses to choose available 844 numbers as per their choice. The providers also help them manage the customer calls received on those numbers.
  • Just download their app or go to their website and register your business email address. Then, you can pick the exact 844 number you want for your company. Sometimes you may not get the desired number if it’s already taken.
  • Most phone companies offer a free trial of new 844 phone numbers. So you can test it out before paying for the service. It’s easy and fast to get started with a toll-free 844 number!

844 Area Code vs other Toll-Free Numbers

Companies can use different types of toll-free numbers. These allow people to call your company phone for free.

The various toll-free number formats are:

  • 800 – oldest and most famous free code
  • 833 – newest toll-free number type
  • 855 – routes calls via the internet
  • 866 – handles more calls without line busy
  • 888 – Most popular number type

844 numbers were introduced more recently, in 2014. They are quickly gaining popularity among businesses across North America. So choose an easy-to-remember 844 or 800 number. Then customers can call your business for free, and you can increase sales.

How can you block Area Code 844?

If you want to block the 844 numbers, there are many ways including the Do Not Call service, using call blocking apps. You can also block calls on iPhone and Android as below

On iPhones:

  • Tap the blue “i” icon when a call comes
  • Select the “Block Caller” option

On Android phones: 

  • Open Recent Calls list
  • Tap the 844 spam number
  • Choose Block/Report Spam

This stops the annoying caller from ever contacting you again!

You can also complain to the Do Not Call registry website about that fraud 844 number. This will help catch the spammer faster.

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Amazing tips to get a Free 844 Number for your business

Use a phone word that spells out your company name or relates to your industry (e.g. 1-844-Flowers). This connects the number to your brand.

Keep it simple. Avoid odd or unique number combinations that are hard to remember.

Make it easy to recall. Repeating digits (like 844) or rhyming numbers are more memorable.

Use common words and number combinations. This makes the number more search engine friendly.

Try relating it to your business name or repeating important digits. Making it meaningful improves recall.

Where is Area Code 844 located?

844 area code is not tied to any one city or state in the USA, Canada, or the 20-plus North American countries it serves. Any company in these regions can acquire an 844 number from phone service providers.

Usually, a phone number’s area code lets you identify which geographic area it belongs to. But 844 numbers can’t reveal location like regular phone numbers.

The key benefit of these non-geographic numbers is customers calling from anywhere in the region don’t incur any long-distance or international call charges. The cost is free for them and covered by the businesses instead. So, in short, 844 toll-free phone numbers can be acquired by companies across the USA, Canada, and 20+ nearby countries for better customer reach.


Overall, having a toll-free 844 area code makes it easy for your leads, existing customers, and vendors to call you for free. This builds connections and provides direct assistance quickly when needed without incurring call charges. So it contributes to better customer experience.

But recently some scammers also used automatically dialed 844 numbers for spam calls trying to steal personal information. So, be cautious of any suspicious or unsolicited calls. But getting an 844 number as a business owner has many benefits if used properly!


Can I get an 844 number for my company?

Yes, any business can easily get a toll-free 844 phone number. Companies prefer 844 over old 800 numbers as they allow customers to call for free.

Where is area code 844 located in the US?

There is no Individual city, region, or state associated with area code 844

Is area code 844 a scam?

No, Area code 844 is legal in USA and used by many businesses.

How to report spam area code 844 calls to authorities?

Inform the National Do Not Call Registry of the Federal Trade Commission about spam/scam calls from 844. You can also register your number to avoid telemarketers.

What are the other free phone number formats?

Apart from 844, other popular toll-free number formats are 800, 833, 855, 866, 877 and 888. They all provide free calling but were introduced in different years.

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