When A Company’s Owner Can And Can’t Ask For A Social Security Number

When A Company's Owner Can And Can't Ask For A Social Security Number

You are likely to wait until after you’ve interviewed a candidate to conduct such tests, why not wait till there to ask that their social security number?
It is crucial that you have it.

To put it differently, we’ll do anything we want with your social security number, and you also can not use without giving us. What numbers? That is pretty obscure.

Any machine you have may be hacked. Big businesses, with more money and technology know-how than your own company, probably have been hacked, exposing private information. Would you would like your applicant tracking system become a rich source for identity thieves?

And it is not only the thieves. New legislation set additional burdens on businesses which have such confidential advice.

It’s not just for the work candidate’s benefit –it is for yours.
I contacted the company with this disclaimer in their occupation apps and asked why they had the social security number in the software. I received this response:
A reader sent me a link to your project application for a respectable organization. It contained this info about social security amounts:

If your company is still asking this information in the application stage, ask yourself if you actually need it. (You do not.) Change your systems

You do not need it at the application phase. However, many businesses ask for it in the application phase.

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However, say all of the recruiters, we need the social security number to conduct background checks. Yesand no. If the job takes a credit score (that many do not ), then you would like a social security number to run the exam. Additionally, you would like the candidate to register a particular release. And you shouldn’t be running a number of the in the application phase.
Thanks for bringing the problem to our attention. We are upgrading the language to make it more evident that a individual’s Social Security Number (SSN) is not required at the time of this app.

We use information gathered from applications for work on the world wide web to generate job choices. Your Social Security number offered in an online employment program will be utilized to identify your personal records, and also for background checks and other requests for information about you from employers, schools, banks, and others who understand you personally, to the extent permitted by law. We might also offer the information we gather about you from online employment applications to national, state, and local agencies to test on any violations of this law or to other legal purposes. But, we can not process your application, that’s the initial step toward getting use us, even should you not provide us with this info.

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