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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Online Time Clock Software

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Although online time clock software has been around for quite a while, many businesses have still not made the switch. Whether it be for financial, personal, or business-related reasons, they’ve instead opted to continue with outdated manual timekeeping.

Manual time tracking comes with many problems ranging from payroll errors to employee time theft. Luckily, with modern time tracking software, many of these issues can be addressed and even wholly resolved. Here are just a few compelling reasons why you need to make the switch to online time clock software today!

1. It Can Improve Payroll Accuracy

Managing payroll manually is both challenging and time-consuming under the best of circumstances. Often, manual payroll calculating is prone to errors, leading to more time spent making corrections and more time getting employees appropriately paid.

Online time clock software can automate much of the payroll process and ensure error-free calculation of employee time, earnings, and overtime to streamline the entire payroll process. This saves the business money on processing payroll and improves employee morale by ensuring that they get paid accurately and on time.

2. It Helps You Stay Labor Law Compliant

Labor law compliance is difficult and even impossible to manage without the help of employee timesheet software. Even by accident, employees can work unscheduled hours, miss breaks, or forget to follow proper procedures, all of which can result in labor law violations.

Online time clock software has features built into it which allow employers to oversee their employees. They can ensure workers are taking their mandated breaks, that they’re punching in and out on time, and any overtime worked is being correctly recorded so that they are paid appropriately. Staying in labor law complaints will allow your business to avoid costly fines and penalties that could disrupt or even halt your business.

3. It Can Increase Employee Accountability

Ensuring that employees show up to work and remain on task is essential for your business’s overall productivity. Online time clock software ensures that employees punch in on time and stay on task while at work. When employees know that their time is being monitored and are responsible for time tracking accuracy, this leads to improved productivity and accountability.

Improved accountability limits the likelihood of time theft occurring as well. Additionally, management can track employee hours and productivity in real-time and can hold employees accountable for the work they produce. Other features allow employers to track an employee’s location and what tasks they are working on at any given moment.

4. It Can Help You Save On Labor Costs

Accurate labor costing is crucial for businesses that rely on accurate bids to stay afloat. An online timecard system allows companies to use past data to make smarter decisions regarding staffing and labor costs to complete a given task.

Accurate job costing allows a business to better forecast future needs and adjust expectations accordingly. Job costing also enables a company to understand where and how employees spend their time. If too many people are focused on one project, staffing can be adjusted to cover a project that may be falling behind.

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5. It Reduces The Need For Managerial Oversight

Automating much of the time tracking process reduces the need for managers to oversee employee time tracking, freeing them up for more critical tasks. It also simplifies the scheduling process by allowing managers to quickly approve or deny time off and update schedules as staffing needs adjust.

Managers can still track and make adjustments to employee time manually but no longer have to spend large amounts of time managing day-to-day operations. Instead, the system can inform them of any issues that arise, such as an employee forgetting to punch in, and only then would they need to step in for manual adjustments.

6. It Provides Flexibility For Diverse Workplaces

With more businesses having to accommodate unique working situations, in particular remote working, flexible online timesheet software is necessary. Most modern time clock solutions are web-based, giving employees the option to track time from any location and internet-connected device.

Flexible online time clock software allows employers to accommodate employee preferences better and adjust to workplace demand in a more dynamic fashion. Employers can adjust staffing levels on the fly, track attendance in real-time, and even schedule employees remotely. This allows for a much more fluid and thriving work environment and leads to higher productivity and profits.

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