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Pwrteams: A New NameFor Years of Excellence


Over the last several years, outsourcing software development and related services to Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Balkan countries has gained enormous traction. Fair enough, since these regions offer an impressive pool of tech talent, high quality of work, and cost-effectiveness, just to name a few.

With all the benefits outsourcing to the regions in question offers, it might be challenging to find a team that can best meet your needs and goals. Still, you can always entrust finding your perfect match to professionals. Meet pwrteams —an international leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations in Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Balkan countries.

What is pwrteams?

pwrteams is a Nortal group company established in 2022. The company provides IT staff augmentation services and has service centers in Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Serbia, as well as regional offices in North America, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

How it all started

Although pwrteams is a new brand, its history goes back to 2008, when Skelia, a company building cross-border teams, was founded. Inspired by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, three Belgian entrepreneurs launched Skelia as a company offering a novel approach to addressing changing customer needs during financial crises.

In 2022, Skelia became part of Nortal—a leading global digital transformation company—and was transformed into pwrteams, the name taken from the company’s unique business offering PowerTeams, building globally distributed teams to help businesses grow.

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As a result, Skelia’s extensive experience in building remote teams combined with Nortal’s global reach, technical leadership, and investment track record, opened the door to a powerful new brand revolutionizing how companies outsource their IT tasks.

What it’s built on

pwrteams inherited the core values Skelia was based on back in 2008: insourcing and control, business transparency and organizational stability, and top talent.

pwrteams in numbers

  • 400+ experts in Poland, Serbia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Ukraine
  • 1700+ employees working in Nortal in Europe, the Middle East, and North America
  • <10% employee turnover rate
  • 200+ cross-border teams built
  • 70+ customers served
  • 17+ countries where their clients are located

What they offer

Dedicated teams

The pwrteams experts help businesses build stable cross-border teams, matching the top IT and engineering talent in Eastern Europe to their clients’ culture and processes.
Their extensive experience in building cross-border teams allows them to hire and successfully retain top professionals with the expertise and skills necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes for each project. Moreover, the company offers all the required support and infrastructure, from networking to training. pwrteams helps companies across the globe build remote teams for:

  • software development
  • QA and testing
  • 24/7 operations
  • AI, BI, and data science
  • cloud and DevOps
  • engineering and automation

Testing on-demand

pwrteams tests business solutions, mobile apps, web portability, APIs, and backend integration using industry-leading tools.

Over 50 experienced QA engineers at pwrteams have already tested and improved more than five hundred applications, from simple mobile apps to AI-powered enterprise systems. Their broad hands-on experience in QA and testing has made pwrteams a go-to option for businesses looking for a reliable third-party tester or those who need to boost the capacity of their in-house QA team.

They are exceptionally flexible and offer various levels of QA services:

  • full-cycle structured testing
  • test automation
  • QA audit and consulting
  • API testing
  • continuous integration testing
  • security testing

Mobile app development

Having inherited Skelia’s excellent expertise and broad experience in mobile development, pwrteams offers end-to-end mobile development services, from brainstorming to post-delivery support, including:

  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • IoT app development
  • cross-platform app development
  • React native app development
  • wearable app development
  • Flutter app development

pwrteams can quickly build a high-performance team of mobile app developers, backend developers, DevOps specialists, UI/UX designers, QA specialists, business analysts, architects, and project managers to take on a short-term mobile project or provide businesses with urgent assistance in mobile development. Additionally, they offer to build structured mobile development teams to work on projects through the entire development lifecycle, taking care of the administrative side.

How they work

Over a decade in the IT outsourcing market helped pwrteams develop a tried-and-true approach to building remote teams. Here’s what their process looks like:

Analyzing clients’ needs and goals

The team at pwrteams starts each project by analyzing their client’s expectations and needs, including team size, job descriptions, and the desired workflow.

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With selecting the top talent in mind, the team at pwrteams approaches the talent onboarding process sensibly, which involves pre-screening, interviews, and technical assessment. HR experts at pwrteams assess each candidate’s experience, English proficiency, and other skills relevant to project requirements.


Once the project has been kicked off, pwrteams work in close partnership with the client to ensure that the remote teams integrate with the client’s internal staff, and they can productively work together toward achieving their common goal.


pwrteams also offers their clients an efficient delivery manager to oversee the project. This person makes sure the team is on the same page with the client and all the deadlines are met.

Final words

In a world where outsourcing software development is becoming increasingly popular, finding the perfect team to meet your specific needs can be challenging. Luckily, there are established industry leaders whom you can trust. pwrteams brings together the best of both worlds—Skelia’s unmatched experience in building remote teams and Nortal’s global reach—offering a revolutionary approach to outsourcing IT tasks.

Through a meticulous talent acquisition process, pwrteams ensures that each client is connected with the top professionals who fully align with their unique requirements.

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