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Amazon Prime Day 2020 posts biggest ever sales

Amazon Prime Day 2020 posts biggest ever sales

Amazon Prime Day this year was spread across two days and was in 19 countries such as India, US, UK, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, and more.

This year’s Prime Day delivered the two biggest days for third-party sellers, of which almost all were little and medium-sized businesses. Sellers saw record-breaking earnings and this increased to over US$3.5bn in total throughout 19 nations. In addition, Prime members globally saved more than US$1.4bn throughout the epic deals event and procured deep discounts to kick-start their holiday shopping.

“We are thrilled that Prime Day was a record-breaking occasion for small and medium companies worldwide, with sales exceeding $3.5bn –an increase of almost 60% from this past year,” commented Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer, Amazon. “We are proud that Prime members saved over $1.4 billion, and we look forward to providing more opportunities for our advertising partners to grow and customers to save throughout the holiday season. I’m incredibly grateful to our partners and employees around the globe who helped create Prime Day potential, especially the committed front-line teams in our fulfillment centers and delivery operations.”

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Independent third-party sellers, the vast majority of which are little and medium-sized businesses reached over US$3.5bn in sales on Prime Day that is an increase of almost 60 percent over Prime Day 2019 and grew even more than Amazon’s retail business. Top-selling categories for third party sellers include bedding, wireless accessories, nutrition and health, arts, crafts and sewing, and healthcare. Tens of millions of customers supported small companies during the lead-up into Prime Day, which generated over $900mn in sales for small businesses included in the Spend $10, Get $10 advertising.

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