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Digitize Your Entire Logistics & Freight Forwarding Operations

Digitize Your Entire Logistics & Freight Forwarding Operations

The consequences of supply chain management, transportation, and logistic management are getting huge with passing days. Handling optimization, speed, efficiency, and time are crucial factors in the transport and cargo industry.

However, the logistics and freight industry is heading towards digitization in order to ease its management process. Digital transformation has come up with numerous benefits for the transportation industry.

In fact, there are experts who say “Implementation of various technologies and going digital is an inevitable step in the freight industry.”  

To give you a better understanding of the same, here is a list of a few statistics about the digitization in freight you must know.

  • The digital logistic market is expected to be worth 5 billion USD by 2025 at a CAGR of 21.7%.
  • The top 5 countries in the emerging Logistics market are China, India, the US, UAE, and Malaysia.
  • Smart containerization has replaced 60% of the inner vehicle trips.
  • The three biggest challenges controlled by technology in the logistic industry are on-time delivery, logistics cost, and responding to last time changes.
  • The number of Google searches related to logistics and freight grew by 40% in the last 2 years.
  • 34% of the companies have already moved their supply chain to the cloud to ease the management process.
  • The global sales of warehousing and logistics are expected to reach $18.58 billion by 2026.

Now you might have got an idea about the importance of digitization in logistic and freight operations. Adding more to it, let us share a few top advantages that drop and hook trucking get with digitization.

Benefits of Technologies in Freight & Logistic Industry

Multichannel Sales

Yes, you might get business with the same traditional methods, however, you need to step an extra mile to have outstanding results. That’s where going digital comes into action. Reach more customers and ease your business management process with an online application or website.

Timing, cost, and trust matter the most in this marketplace, and you can achieve all of them by bringing your drop-and-hook business online. Actually, you can gain more leads through inbound marketing, and reaching out to your customers with social media platforms.

Gain Loyal & Long Term Customers

Gaining the trust of customers is never an easy task, however, it is one of the most crucial things you need to grow your business. The fact is you can build a strong relationship with your customers through online channels.

With online channels, you can rapidly solve the query of your customers and provide the best possible solution.

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To Be Competitive In The Market

We are living in an industry wherein there is no one dominant yet, everyone is trying to be the best one. Henceforth, with your online logistics services, you can gain the attention of the users and become the ruler of the market.

To put it short, if you want to be in the race it has become vital to implement various technologies and position yourself as a frontrunner in the market.

Add Value To The Business

With the help of technology, you can develop a platform with extraordinary features that add value to your business. Almost every logistics company offers the same kind of services, however, you can stay unique and eye-catching in the market with the help of enforcing technologies like the Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and much more.

Startups are really getting to this point and catching the attention of the users. To give you an example, Convoy is one such startup in the logistic industry that got into the mind of the people.

Reduction in the Error & Miscommunication

When the business process gets automated, you will observe about a 70% reduction in errors. By performing repetitive operations, sometimes it may happen that humans may leave some error or miss any task. This thing could be completely avoided with the help of technology.

For instance, when you use Machine Learning in your logistic business it will reduce your human work by more than 50%. ML catches a repetitive process in your management process, and then builds modules accordingly. Later, these modules will take the place of humans to perform a specific task. This way, ML is replacing labor work in the logistic industry.

In short, Automation reduces a lot of errors in the freight & logistic industry.

Make the Freight Operations Faster

Freight operation is a long process to follow and reach the final destination. Sometimes, due to miscommunication or lack of resources, the process may take a longer time than expected.

While with digitization, things are quite different. Many shipment procedures are conducted online and do not need any interaction with humans. Thus, the complete operation becomes faster than the traditional one.

Besides that, as we said above, technology is going to play a major role in logistic operations, many manual processes will be conducted by the software and machines. All this results in the faster process of the logistic operation.

Are You Ready to Digitize Your Freight Operations?

We’ve seen how freight operations are becoming much easier with the help of various technologies. As we already said many companies are moving towards getting digital, it is high time for you to get on the board.

All you require here is a top software development company that understands your needs and builds your online platform accordingly. We would recommend you first go through the client’s reviews and experience of the company, and accordingly choose the one for you.

To end it up, we would say that it won’t be a long time till technology covers the whole logistic market. Fully automated sales and enhancing customer experience is a key thing to win in today’s market.

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Paresh Sagar

Here is the Author Bio : Paresh Sagar is the CEO of Excellent Webworld , IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company that helps startups and enterprises to enable mobility solutions. He’s an avid blogger and writes on all the latest technology trends.

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