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XPO Logistics wins Ford’s Supply Chain Award

XPO Logistics wins Ford's Supply Chain Award

XPO has changed Ford’s expedite system in North America by executing a technology-based alternative for urgent supplier shipments.

The Ford World Excellence Awards honors supply chain partners who provide exceptional service quality, cost efficiency, and innovation. XPO is Ford’s primary director of time-critical shipments from the automaker’s suppliers to its own production plants, Implementing proprietary applications that simplify the transport procurement procedure.

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“We’re thrilled to once again be known for outstanding performance by this esteemed customer,” explained Drew Wilkerson, president, transport — North America for XPO Logistics. “Our team includes a 20-year history of collaboration with Ford. We take pride in our capacity to respond under any conditions and provide mission-critical support”

“Ford’s annual World Excellence Awards recognize our top-performing providers for their contributions to our success,” added Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s chief product stage and operations officer. “Congratulations to the XPO group for becoming a recipient of this coveted award. Thank you for all that you do in support of Ford Motor Company.”

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It is the second successive year that Ford has recognized XPO as a top-performing supply chain partner. In 2019, XPO obtained a Silver World Excellence Award from Ford by introducing innovations in managed transport.

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