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Master Data Management
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Master Data Management: Definition, Processes And Challenges

Master Data Management (MDM) involves the process of creating a single master file for all data items across all external and internal data...

Why You Should Prioritize Additional Services for Your Data Management
Big Data

Why You Should Prioritize Additional Services for Your Data Management

Each day, we contribute to the creation of data through our daily activities like online shopping or watching our favorite TV shows. This...

Managed Cyber Security Service

Addressing Data Breaches and the Cybersecurity Skill Gap With a Managed Cyber Security Service

Data breaches are the number one concern for businesses today. And rightfully so. Customers read about major data leaks every day. They know...

Making Data Transformation a Breeze Harnessing Your Data Catalog
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Making Data Transformation a Breeze: Harnessing Your Data Catalog

Are you tired of drowning in a sea of scattered data, struggling to make sense of it all? Look no further! Introducing the...

Data Governance Tools
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Top 10 Data Governance Tools

To unify and simplify your data and definitions, you can use robust Data Governance tools. This will make Data Governance planning much easier....

Why Should Companies Consider Pimcore

Why Should Companies Consider Pimcore?

Working in today’s business world, a lot of the challenges that come up have to do with data management, content creation, and complex...

10 Popular Myths About Multi-Cloud Data Management
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10 Popular Myths About Multi-Cloud Data Management

Multi-cloud environments have been rapidly establishing themselves as an integral part of the enterprise data ecosystem. There is still a lot of confusion...

How data will help retail marketers in 2021
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How Data will Help Retail Marketers in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted nearly everything for retail marketers. Retailers were made to update their yearly plans and pivot nearly overnight. Ecommerce and...