Why Should Companies Consider Pimcore?

Why Should Companies Consider Pimcore

Working in today’s business world, a lot of the challenges that come up have to do with data management, content creation, and complex projects, which require a lot of background features and support.

Here we will have a closer look at Pimcore, and how it makes these tasks easier for your company. For the beginning, let’s see what Pimcore actually is!

What does Pimcore include?

Pimcore is one of the leading open-source platforms that organize, enrich, aggregate, and manage digital data for enterprises while providing a personalized experience for the customer. The gist of Pimcore is found here, and we will explain the features it offers for companies.

This platform unites functionalities from marketing, sales, service, and commerce. It is a centralized solution for CMS, DAM, PIM, and eCommerce. The most recognized users of Pimcore are companies such as Audi, Pepsi, Dr. Oetker, Yamaha, and others.

What makes Pimcore different from other platforms such as Shopify, is that it is open-sourced, which allows it to be developed by community members. Its advantage comes from enabling the rapid development of applications by providing one set of tools for multiple features.

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What does it mean for companies?

You might ask yourself how could this be useful for your company? Well, Pimcore offers a specialized solution for your business challenges – extensive features for enterprises and support services.

If we wanted to really summarize its purpose, we would say it brings different business units to ‘act as one’ which enables collaborative effectiveness and reaching profitability goals. This is possible exactly because of the integration of data and experience managing the platform allows.

Pimcore delivers automatization of marketing activities, complex workflows for all assigned employees, and personalizing content in real-time. You get to replace multiple systems with one solution! It is very flexible and customizable according to your goals and infrastructure.

It helps manage ANY data, because it offers PIM, MDM, DAM, and CDP, while on the experience end, you get CMS and eCommerce. Pimcore is a type of platform that separates stored data from the channel, which means that this data can then be provided to any channel – mobile apps, simple websites (B2B/B2C), print, and more. There is a thorough explanation of how to implement and start to use Pimcore for your business.

What you actually get

We went a little deeper and explored the direct benefits Pimcore can give you as a company. This platform empowers companies with a certain ‘trusted view’ of information, which eliminates data silos, optimizes your operational efficiency, minimizes IT costs and improves customer experience.

It ensures interaction with customers digitally, eliminates inefficiencies, and builds elastic cost structures. Pimcore also executes omnichannel strategies to reach your targeted public and provides full support for eCommerce when it comes to sales and marketing efforts.

This means that development experts are absolutely essential for the success of Pimcore, as well as certified consultants. Companies are therefore granted optimized results and transformative growth.

Written by
Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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