Satellite Bus

Satellite Bus: Design, Modelling, and Development

Regardless of their purpose and mission, all satellites use satellite buses to operate. This bus is a platform that supports various payloads for...

Robots self-sufficient can have baby colonize other planets
Big Data

Robots Self-Sufficient can Have Baby Colonize other Planets

It has been indicated that an advance party of robots will likely be required if individuals are to settle other planets. Sent ahead...

SpaceX’s upcoming test launches are getting extra scrutiny

SpaceX’s Upcoming Test Launches are Getting Extra Scrutiny

SpaceX’s first high-altitude test flight of its own Starship rocket, which started successfully but burst at a botched landing effort in December, violated...

5 Steps AI will take us close into space
Artificial Intelligence

5 Steps AI will Take US Close into Space

Artificial intelligence has been creating waves in the past couple of years, allowing us to address issues quicker than computing could allow. Lately,...

Cryptocurrency Is Strengthened By Space Research

Cryptocurrency Is Strengthened By Space Research

At first, it looks like an odd match — until one starts to understand that private modules and satellite communications in addition to...