6 Most Dangerous Effects Of Depression On Your Life

6 Most Dangerous Effects Of Depression On Your Life

You are aware that depression is harmful to your mental health. But did you know that it’s also harmful for the physical health? Untreated or uncontrolled depression can have a large toll on you . Depression can make you ill and save you from caring for yourself when you’re sick. A depression treatment program can help you stay away from those eight health risks associated with depression.

Risk of heart diseases

Studies indicate that depression may result in heart disease, make heart disease worse, and also make it even more challenging to recuperate from complications of cardiovascular disease. Depression can even raise your chance of experiencing a heart attack. Having depression raises your chance of dying by almost 20 percent from the first six months following having a heart attack. Lifestyle habits which often go together with melancholy –such as bad diet, smoking, drinking, rather than exercising are also bad for heart health.

Mental Decline

Long-standing depression can result in reduction of brainpower. This is particularly true when you’re older. Brain scans of older individuals with depression show shrinkage in particular regions of the brain which is more important than among older individuals without depression. The further episodes of depression you’ve got more than the greater your risk.

Substance abuse

When you’ve got depression and you are not getting the proper treatment, you might be tempted to treat your symptoms with alcohol or drugs. What is more, these compounds make melancholy more difficult to deal with. Additionally, it is true that abusing alcohol or drugs may result in depression. In any event, medications, alcohol, and depression create a dangerous mix.


Even though some people do not mean to intentionally harm themselves with those behaviors, life-threatening or serious injuries and accidental deaths could lead.


From time to time, a friend may feel like smoking is the only way out, the only real means to escape the pain. This is not correct. There are lots of effective approaches to decrease depression symptoms and make much better. Bear in mind, these horrible feelings and ideas aren’t continuous and will definitely pass. In the event that you or somebody you know is having thoughts of suicide, then please contact immediately.

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Reckless behavior

When people feel depressed, angry or very bad about themselves, they are not as inclined to look after themselves and consider the effects of their activities. Depressed people may place themselves in risky situations, with possibly harmful effects (e.g., driving drunk, or unprotected intercourse ).

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