Top 6 Ways How Excess Use of Cell Phones Running Your Health

Top 6 Ways How Excess Use of Cell Phones Running Your Health

Are you using your mobile for many hours a day, checkout below its harmful effect on your health:

It Strains Your Eyes

When texting someone or reading an article on the world wide web, we have to stare in a small-sized screen of our cell phone. This may put a lot of pressure on our eyes. They can dry out and harm when blinking. Finally, this may result in visual deterioration. To maintain clear sight, maintain your apparatus at least 16 inches from your face. Read extensive articles on your computer or a laptop screen only. If you currently have problems with eye discomfort, make the font size larger on your mobile phone. And do not neglect to refer to an eye specialist if necessary.

Risk Of Brain Cancer

In fact, there are reasons to think it really is so. The cause of that is radiofrequency of electromagnetic fields given off by mobile devices. They’ve an adverse impact on the body and can trigger the growth of brain cancer in the future.

Destroying Your Sleep

When talking about mobile phones and health, we cannot dismiss their influence on sleep. Many people today get used to set the alarm and put a cell phone somewhere not far in the head or even beneath their pillow. In reality, it is a bad idea.

Neck And Back Pain

A healthy spine is one of the essential factors of our well-being. When slouching over a mobile phone for a few hours every day, we destroy our neck and back muscles. So no wonder we feel the nagging pain in these pieces of our bodies. But wait, there’s more. Aching throat muscles can cause a hassle to make things worse. So finally, we’ll feel like a wreck. To stay healthy, you want to see your posture each single time you use a mobile phone. Sure, this might appear annoying until it becomes a habit. Turning a cell phone off or restricting the time of its use would also relieve a spine from pressure.

Risk  Of Nomophobia

Or the fear of being without your cell phone. You know that sense of security and security you get from having a fully charged phone on your hand? Nomophobia is the contrary: It may lead one to think — often irrationally — that you’re not secure without a telephone in your hand, Kissen clarifies.

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To get over this fear, face it head on by leaving it behind for increasing amounts of time in increasingly far distances. And remember that people were able to survive without their phones 15 years ago. You will make it — trust.

It Stops The Development Of Your Social Skills

A Mobile is a ticket out of interacting in almost any social situation. It is a crutch that may interfere with your development of suitable communication abilities IRL. And needless to say social angst contributes to anxiety as well as the physical symptoms that may accompany it.

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