Month: October 2020

Big Data
Big Data

Top 5 problems with big data – and how to solve them

Pioneers are discovering all sorts of creative ways to utilize massive data to their benefit. Insights gathered from big data can result in...

Pubg Ban

PUBG Mobile to Stop Access for Users in India, Following September Ban

PUBG Mobile will complete access for users in India starting Friday, October 30. The move comes almost two weeks after the authorities banned...

Growth Strategies

One Key To International Sales Growth:

Many pundits discuss how to grow globally; it is a question that comes up frequently and is a target that lots of companies...


Bitcoin Exceed $11,000; China’s Currency Insurgency

THREE MAJOR CORPORATES BUYING CRYPTO IS A TREND The story which $10 billion Stone Ridge Asset Manager purchased $100 million worth of bitcoin...

5G Switches

New 5G switches bring better battery life, higher bandwidth and speeds

As 5G hits the market, fresh U.S. Army-funded studies have developed a radio-frequency switch that’s over 50 times more energy efficient than what...

Apple Search Engine

Apple developing own search engine as Google ties could be cut soon

Apple is believed to be working on its own search engine to replace Google. As of now, Google pays Apple involving $10b and...

covid 19 vaccine
Supply Chain Management

COVAXX and Maerskpartner to supply global COVID-19 vaccines

Maersk and COVAXX have announced a global logistics partner to provide COVID-19 vaccines internationally. COVAXX is currently developing UB-612 via a high precision,...

software pricing
Software Development

Initiate Is Key To Successful Software Pricing

Having been in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, I have closely observed the evolution of many businesses, from bootstrap to initial...

data course
Machine Learning

Which Data Course Is Right for You?

Thus, you wish to work with data, but you’re not sure which area of expertise is ideal for you? In Springboard, we’ve developed...

happy life

Best Ways To Stay Happy All The Time

Happiness can seem really tough to find, especially given that the uncertainty on the planet right now. Happiness takes a whole lot of...