Month: October 2020


Wipro joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Wipro Limited has joined the Blockchain at Transport Alliance (BiTA) to spearhead the growth of blockchain criteria and induce blockchain adoption in the...

Growth Strategies

Netflix Subscriber Growth Slows After Covid-19

Netflix added fewer new subscribers in the next quarter of 2020 than at any point in the last four years, the company announced...

The Top Blockchain Trends of 2020 that You Need to Know About

The Top Blockchain Trends of 2020 that You Need to Know About

The year is just over the mid-point, also you might have noticed that the hype for blockchain and dispersed ledger technologies hasn’t cooled...


Get New Noise-Filter Feature, Cisco’s Webex Close to 60 Million Users

Cisco’s video-conferencing program Webex clocked 590 million participants in September and is on course to record 600 million this past month, almost double...

Big Data Analytics Apply Cases in Developing Countries
Big Data

Big Data Analytics: Apply Cases in Developing Countries

Computing is currently a requirement after — oxygen, water, electricity, gas, and telephones. It’s grown up the ladder of social usefulness due to...

Supply Chain Management

Capgemini: the rise of drones in supply chain post-COVID-19

I’ve been with Capgemini for more than 20 decades and was previously a partner at EY, where I made and led the Structured...

Software Development

What are the Software Development Life Cycle?

There are various applications development procedures defined and designed that are used/employed during the development process of applications, these approaches are also called”Software...

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Application in Environmental Science

With the help of Artificial Intelligence Services, IBM is testing a new way to reduce Beijing’s stagnant air pollution. China’s capital, such as...

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

How Is Big Data Analytics Using Machine Learning?

It’s no longer a secret that large information is a motive behind the successes of many major technology companies. However, as more and...


Blockchain After Crypto– Key Factors For Policymakers To Consider

To fully realize the potential of both blockchain and crypto-assets, a significant conversation needs to be held about the way commonsense policies may...