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COVAXX and Maerskpartner to supply global COVID-19 vaccines

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Maersk and COVAXX have announced a global logistics partner to provide COVID-19 vaccines internationally.

COVAXX is currently developing UB-612 via a high precision, synthetic peptide system which activates both B-cell and T-cell arms. The investigational vaccine was manufactured to replicate natural biology and preclinical studies have summarized high immunogenicity and degrees of neutralizing titers against SARS-COV-2. The technology platform was effective in commercializing bloodstream diagnostics as well as safe and effective vaccines for infectious illness in animal health and has been analyzed in several clinical trials for additional indications to date.

The firm has innovative pre-commitments for more than 100 million doses of UB-612 worldwide.

COVAXX’s overall aim is to defeat COVID-19 and finally democratize health internationally. Maersk’s role in making this vision a reality is to oversee all logistics activities to be able to guarantee efficient transport to developing nations. The arrangement provides for finishing supply chain management, packing, and shipping, via air or ocean, ground transport, warehouse storage, and supply to centers to support COVAXX’s needs for a pharmaceutical grade, temperature-controlled distribution chain.

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In general, COVAXX aims to fabricate around 100 million doses of UB-612 during ancient 2021, along with a billion doses at the end of 2021. The design of the vaccine elements will enable the usage of existing cold chain storage and distribution channels, as the COVAXX vaccine doesn’t require additional infrastructure such as -80⁰C freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks to store materials at extreme temperatures.

“The COVAXX vaccine is unique in that it may be stored in the refrigerator you have in the home, moved at the same trucks that deliver groceries and administered anywhere you can find a flu shot,” commented Lou Reese Co-Chief Executive Officer of COVAXX.

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“Our team, which currently proudly includes Maersk, is committed to addressing the needs of countries where the best unmet needs exist now, To do what’s in the best interests of society at the moment of the global health catastrophe, we are aligning with the strongest leaders within their respective industries to fit the large-scale need and compliance requirements that we anticipate. It is insufficient to focus on vaccine development and approvals. We have to work in parallel to establish the infrastructure and spouses with the strongest capacities, like Maersk, to deliver our vaccine across the world.”

Efficient and safe delivery of COVID-19 vaccines around the world is the most pressing logistics challenge we all face today. A. P. Moller — Maersk is dedicated to working closely with COVAXX to ensure smooth end-to-end international delivery of the vaccine as soon as it becomes available,” explained Rob Townley, Head of Special Project Logistics at Maersk. “Our specialized logistics expertise and the worldwide infrastructure of Maersk make this an ideal match.”

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