Month: October 2021

Optimize Your E-Commerce Website

DIY Tips to Optimize Your E-Commerce Website

Recent online reports indicate that 8 out of 10 Americans now shop almost exclusively online. Furthermore, nearly 80% of online shoppers do a...

Local Business Into an E-Commerce
Growth Strategies

Advantages of Transitioning Your Local Business Into an E-Commerce Dynamo

If you own a local brick-and-mortar shop, you’re likely going through some tough times. 2020 was proclaimed the year of shut-ins, and the...

Managing Cash Flow

10 Effective Tips for Managing Cash Flow as a New Business

New startups need to understand that the number one reason businesses close their doors is that they run out of money within a...

Home-Based Business

Best Business Practices for A Home-Based Business

Business comes in all types of flavors. Some work from a home office. Others have a storefront on Main Street. Luckily, the tools...

Free Bitcoin Mining

How to do Free Bitcoin Mining

There are three main ways that Bitcoin enthusiasts can get it: You can purchase Bitcoins from a cryptocurrency exchange, accept Bitcoins for payment...

Future of the Internet of Things

A Future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet is mainstream but it is no longer alone. The Internet of Things is all the hype of the 21st century. In...

Recruiting KPIs
Growth Strategies

12 Recruiting KPIs to Measure Your Organization Success

Recruitment can be a significant investment. It involves putting your job ads in front of the right people, interviewing qualified candidates, and finally...

Zoom virtual backgrounds

How to Create A Zoom Background

Video conferencing platform Zoom has become a daily work tool for many in the days of booming hybrid workplaces. It helps people convene...

Financial Analytics

What is Financial Analytics A full Guide?

Definition of  Financial Analytics Financial analysis is the creation of ad-hoc analysis to answer specific business questions or forecast future financial conditions. Financial...

SMS Marketing Software
Growth Strategies

7 Best SMS Marketing Software for Your Business

Businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of being modern. People have smartphones and texting is the king. People open text messages...