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AI Enhance An Combine In The Assist Against COVID-19

AI Enhance An Combine In The Assist Against COVID

We are seeing that right now in the advanced manners AI is being used to shield health care workers and help the attempt to overcome COVID-19. And we are only scratching the surface on the potential for AI to create the whole health spa journey safer and more humane for nurses, doctors, and patients.

In Tampa General Hospital at Florida, an AI-driven technology screens individuals for COVID-19 symptoms before they socialize with hospital staff and patients. At Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, physician researchers are exploring using AI-powered robots to acquire vital signs and provide medicine in COVID-19 surge practices, allowing researchers to prevent potentially harmful human contact.

This growing human-AI partnership may be the most significant technology fad being hastened by COVID-19. It is likely to become a permanent part of our post-pandemic entire world. In fact, the rapid deployment and scale of those AI tools offers classes to organizations everywhere–and also a glimpse into the future of AI at the workplace.

True human-AI partnerships

True partnership between humans and their AI assistants have increased from the pandemic reaction.

With resources scarce, this type of efficiency is literally lifesaving and shows the ability of AI to augment–not replace–human workers.

In my discussions with executives around the globe, I am hearing less about bots replacing people. Rather, the focus is on using AI to enhance agility and eliminate significant yet relatively basic and time-consuming jobs. That’s precisely what we are seeing in the medical setting now. It is an example all organizations should want to emulate moving ahead.

A change toward natural language comprehension

In a catastrophe, fast access to data is critical. The capability of chatbots to function as highly educated virtual assistants will only improve as AI becomes more sophisticated.

Organizations in all industries are incorporating chatbots as part of a larger digital transformation approach. And as natural language comprehension continues to improve, bot-to-bot communicating will become powerful enough that humans can easily and easily access information on the subject of their own choice.

For example, physicians could pull up a patient’s care documents while an AI helper find and communicate data on results for similar individual profiles. This is an obvious technological development and one we may see shortly within a hospital setting.

Although this ability to identify trends and disease markers is not necessarily new, the growing trust in AI suggests a shift–albeit one created by necessity–in our attitudes toward artificial intelligence.

As our relaxation using this new “intelligence” grows and as AI advances farther, it will move past the identification of markers or tendencies into the prescription of specific actions. In healthcare, that may signify an AI application that initially identifies COVID-19, and, after sorting through millions of patient data points, recommends a personalized care program in reaction.

This is simply the tip of this iceberg. As our pool of information increases exponentially and our processing power grows concurrently, AI’s abilities will only grow and accelerate. It’s even likely the AI will play a significant role in finishing that the COVID-19 pandemic itself.

Periods of upheaval produce lasting change. The present COVID-19 catastrophe is no different, and I believe some good will come of this hard situation–from healthcare that works for everyone to creating more resilient enterprises. The revolutionary use of AI to augment our healthcare heroes is just 1 example, one that should inform our post-pandemic world.

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Isla Genesis

Isla Genesis is social media manager of The Tech Trend. She did MBA in marketing and leveraging social media. Isla is also a passionate, writing a upcoming book on marketing stats, travel lover and photographer.

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