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Top 5 Reasons Why Marketing Cloud Is Important For Marketers

Top 5 Reasons Why Marketing Cloud Is Important For Marketers

The pandemic has accelerated many noteworthy changes in the marketing industry, not the least of which will be the proliferation of the marketing cloud — an integrated suite of marketing applications or solutions provided by one seller. Although this cloud technology isn’t exactly brand new, the pandemic has confirmed its value proposition, with global spending cloud solutions anticipated to grow 18.4percent this 2021, based on Gartner.

From a marketing perspective, this makes sense. Marketers today operate in a world in which the range of alternatives is overpowering. The tools necessary to succeed are either too costly or too complicated, and also the skillsets necessary to perform it all and get it done right are seldom found in one marketing team. The marketing cloud functions as a remedy to those pain points — a stage that could offer all the important tools in one area.

Before, this technology could happen to be”nice to have.” But in 2021, the marketing cloud is a must-have for Marketers for a few of important factors.

1. Work Environments Have Changed

For lots of individuals in several sectors, the office now looks quite different, with the home office substituting the standard office or even a dramatic change from the dynamics of their in-house office experience which reduces interaction. For marketing and sales, which historically have depended on in-person interaction to do, there’s currently an increased need for technology which permits smooth inner link and support for regular tasks.

cloud technology is a scalable, secure, and cost-effective method to support a remote and marketing team. The marketing cloud empowers digital collaboration and access to information in real time, so teams can be as operational and effective whilst working remotely as they’d be in the workplace. Changing to a all-digital workforce has its own challenges, but inner communication and collaboration shouldn’t be one.

2. The Importance of Personalization Has Increased

Email, online, and societal networking use are all steadily increasing because of a heightened remote workforce. Even though there’s a surge in use, salespeople and Marketers should be more sensitive than ever to their own message — mass marketing simply won’t cut it. Consumers anticipate deep personalization. Actually, 72 percent of customers state they just participate with customized messaging.

A marketing cloud could offer a 360-degree perspective of every client and provide Marketers the ability to connect the dots around customer touchpoints, resulting in more personalized and possible connections. Together with the people increased awareness of tone-deaf marketing and marketing attempts, cutting all of the social websites and email sound will require technology and data support.

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3. Digitization Is Taking Permanent Hold

Marketing and sales were undergoing an digital change before the beginning of the pandemic. On the other hand, the digital development has been pressured from zero to 60 nearly instantly as in-person meetings, and collaboration quickly became hopeless. The best-laid marketing strategies needed to change, and Marketers needed to accommodate and pivot to meet customers and organizations where they’re now — in an digital landscape.

A marketing cloud may tackle pain points that come up from an digital landscape by alerting marketers with info analytics to quantify exactly what actions are driving business benefits. Possessing a holistic perspective of marketing and sales performance across all activities — and having the ability to connect those tasks straight to revenue pipeline and revenue — will be crucial in the coming time as well.

4. Internal Resources Need To Be Used Efficiently

Based on Harvard Business Review, the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced all 3 drivers of workforce productivity — time, talent, and energy. Organizations feel that a heightened pressure to be efficient and effective as possible for the interest of the main point. Marketing and sales groups which are outfitted with a marketing cloud alternative advantage. That is because they can get their most important tools in 1 program, instead of switching in and from various platforms, saving energy, time, and cash.

Using a marketing cloud saves time on the upfront installation. 52 percent of entrepreneurs say incorporating disparate systems is the most difficult barrier to marketing technology achievement. Alleviating the need to piece together various technology alternatives frees up time to allow Marketers to perform things they do best — developing and executing strategies.

5. Quality Data Is Necessary For Agile Marketing

Finding new clients from the COVID-19 age is critical to survival as firms look to regain lost earnings from the last year. Maintaining and engaging these clients is important to the organization’s bottom line, and also an agile marketing strategy underpinned by quality information would be the driving force.

Based on Gartner, deficient data quality practices undermine digital campaigns, weaken competitive status and deepen customer dissatisfaction. Marketing cloud solutions offering data cleansing and enrichment capacities tackle this information pain-point by ensuring Marketers have the most accurate and technical information potential. Having data that’s complete, precise, and detailed assists marketers understand who to aim, which message to use, and should reach out.

Looking Ahead

It is, hence, no real surprise that marketing cloud technology is picking up steam. During a period which has introduced challenges unlike any other, this technology is very applicable and best-suited to encourage marketer’s attempts and overarching business targets for SMBs and enterprise-level organizations alike.

Written by
Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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