Big Data

What are Data-Warehouse-as-a-Service, Functions and Top Solution Providers

The volume of enterprise data is growing at an incredible pace (e.g. IDC projects a 23% CAGR up to 175 zettabytes in 2025)....

How to Make A Successful Website Like Udemy
Software Development

4 Creative Ideas on How to Make A Successful Website Like Udemy

Commission-based websites are worth millions. It’s insane how websites like educational platforms are generating lots of revenue without major investments. But, let’s say...

What Role does the Metaverse Play in the Future of Customer Service
Growth Strategies

What Role does the Metaverse Play in the Future of Customer Service?

In the past, when companies wanted to advertise their products, they had to produce printed catalogs, posters, or TV and radio commercials. Today,...

Cloud Testing Tools

Top 10 Cloud Testing Tools for 2023

Cloud storage has many advantages over traditional or on-premise storage. We will see more organizations migrate to the cloud. Cloud automation testing is...

Steam Alternatives

Top 10 Steam Alternatives For PC Gaming

Predictive statistics indicate that the number of PC gamers will exceed 1.8 billion worldwide by 2024. Steam is one platform that supports the...

10 Type of APIs Error Status Codes and How to Fix
Software Development

10 Type of APIs Error Status Codes and How to Fix?

When you first use an API, things don’t always go according to plan. This is especially useful if you are a beginner and...

Content Moderation
Growth Strategies

Content Moderation: What It Is, Types and Tools

User-generated content is a major influencer in the digital space. We can all see an inordinate amount of text, images, and videos being...

Secret Messaging Apps

Top 10 Secret Messaging Apps for Private Conversations

Mobile devices can access secret messaging primarily through third-party apps. It is available as an optional feature in regular messaging apps that will...

How to Patent An Idea
Growth Strategies

How To Patent An Idea: 6 Steps Process

You can’t patent an idea by itself. If you follow the correct process, you can take a great idea and eventually file a...

Face Recognition APIs

15 Best Face Recognition APIs

Globally, facial recognition software is dominating the digital product market. Face recognition APIs can be used in many business areas and marketing strategies....