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Should Business Invest In Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software?

Should Business Invest In Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

Device management is an enrapturing concern in business. Effective device management helps businesses carry out smooth day-to-day operations.

Mobile Device Management is usually used by businesses to optimize the functionality and security of their fleet of mobile devices, like Android devices, Point-of-sale, Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, etc.

Critical decisions, documents, and other important events have been performed and achieved through these devices. Therefore, it is important having stable connectivity, secured privacy and security, and effective management in order.

Employees have devices running on different software. They also have access to servers and the company’s critical resources which are important to be secured in the event they are lost or stolen. MDM can better limit the risk of lost data, stop unapproved software installs, and prevent unauthorized access to mobile devices accessing corporate data and networks.

This is where the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes into the picture.

Why Mobile Devices Management Is Important For Enterprises In Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Retail, etc.

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management and is software that acts as a sentinel for IT enterprises.

Big companies generally have a number of departments, dedicated providers for resource availability, and IT administrators.

Generally, the software is gently designed and used for IT administrations. It enables IT administrators to secure, control and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets, and other devices being used on the premises.

Due to the rise in remote support, security and data breaches, the need for MDM software is essential to the modern workplace.

Whether it’s a retail business or an educational institution, the need for MDM software is important to be available.

Let’s look at some industry usage scenarios and the pain points they are struggling with.

In Transportation and logistics, you may hope to track the driver’s device usage and enhance communication for the trucking industry between truck drivers and operation centers. Sometimes the drivers would face various technical problems during transportation, which will need remote assistance; And it’s not easy to monitor data usage and push and update the necessary apps of the driver’s devices in different places; The company hopes to send documents and notifications to all the devices quickly when needed.

In Education, it’s important to restrict students from using non-designated apps and websites which would distract students and affects learning. And avoid devices being taken out of the classroom.

In Medical & Healthcare, the patients’ data is stored in the cloud and preliminary diagnosis is made online. The protection and management of mobile devices are readily important. And it becomes very necessary to fix the technical problem of the devices everywhere in time. This aids in reducing data theft and misuse rates by optimizing security settings and policies.

In the Retail industry, the devices are deployed all over the world, so maintenance will be very difficult once there is a technical issue. And the applications need to be updated regularly and some errors may happen by the end users while misusing other apps in the equipment.

In the Digital Signage industry, the display screen is always in public places, so it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the playback content at all times. Once there is a problem, it’s important to avoid the repairing process being seen by others in public.

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What solution can AirDroid Business offer enterprises to deal with the problem?

Mobile Device Management deploys great benefits to businesses irrespective of size and industry. As it provides them the ability to lock, wipe, and locate devices used in the workplace, it is also helpful in managing certain problems related to networks, apps, data, tasks, and much more.

You can use AirDroid Business to solve corporate problems related to devices, network security, application and software privacy, communication, and most other things.

AirDroid Business is a device management solution built to help your company scale. The solution aimed at providing control over all corporate mobile devices and their safety including meeting compliance regulations. Regardless of the size of your business, it helps lower costs and increases productivity and efficiency.

Features of AirDroid Business

  • Automated enrollment & configuration: Automated enrollment enables administrators to pre-provision devices to automatically self-enroll into the systems manager tactfully. AirDroid business offers a predefined device provisioning template to configure device enrollment. Upon configuration, it will be pushed and applied to the device.
  • Application management service (AMS): This feature helps the convenient management of applications deployed on the devices. It enables administrators to update, release, and maintain the apps with a customizable app library, reducing undesired issues.
  • Kiosk mode: This enables device admins to restrict all professional Android tablets and smartphones to a latched desktop. It lets administrators customize the display screen based on critical requirements.
  • Policy configuration: This characteristic lets you create policy arrangement files and set up a series of configurations so every device can run in a certain rule according to your needs.
  • Effortless monitoring Alerts & Workflows: AirDroid Business’s device management solution enables the workforce to create an effortless ecosystem. Makes it easy for you to manage and monitor every Android device in the field, simplifying your day-to-day work.
  • Remote access and control: It supports flexible setup options for Android remote control, giving you unattended remote access without needing to root your devices. Remotely troubleshoot devices and solve them quickly.

Note: Black screen mode, the special function enables a privacy mode during a remote session on Android devices. Hence keep your device and privacy secured.

  • Security policy: For any business, the security of networks, servers, data, and devices is important. AirDroid Business solutions provide corporate-level security with the essence of mobile device security policies. The software is compliant and throttle to ensure data security.
  • Location tracker & Geofence: Get the location of all the devices and wipe the data remotely in case of being stolen to avoid company data leakage.

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AirDroid Business Pricing and Plans

AirDroid Business pricing plan is divided into two categories: Small-Scale and Large-Scale.

Considering small-scale deployment first, it is available at just $120 a year featuring convenient characteristics. Its benefits include;

  • Remotely troubleshoot customer’s device issues instantly
  • Save overhead costs while achieving more productivity
  • Simple, intuitive interface for everyone
  • Monitor device status with alerts and data analytics
  • Best suitable with 10-100 employees workforce

Moving to the large-scale deployment, the pricing plans are widely categorized into three standards; Basic, Standard, and Enterprises.

  • The basic plan offers general complementary services compared to standard and enterprise plans. The basic plan starts from $12 per device/year.
  • This is a standard MDM solution, which is more suitable for the company with kiosk needs. The standard plan starts from $21 per device/year.
  • This is a comprehensive MDM solution set for companies with large numbers of devices, with the ability to create multiple configuration profiles It only includes enterprise-level services which start from $33 per device/year.

With this, AirDroid Business plans are pretty convenient and pocket-friendly. Their plan structure simply satisfies this “A plan for everyone” statement.

Businesses can experience AirDroid Business in action by taking free-trial features to examine features it may offer, peacefully.

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