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Top 10 Modern Mobile Marketing Software

Mobile Marketing Software

In recent years, mobile devices have been the most popular mode of online shopping. This is a requirement for marketing professionals. You need to have a mobile-optimized site. But, you must also engage potential customers on the device that they are most active. How can you do this? Mobile marketing software is your answer.

Mobile marketing software can be used to remind customers about abandoned carts or send promotional messages. These tools enable you to create and send SMS campaigns and allow for one-on-one conversations between your customers and your customers via mobile devices.

This article will highlight the top ten mobile marketing software options that your small business can use. These products are listed alphabetically from our mobile software FrontRunners report. They were selected based on our methodology.

Top 10 Modern Mobile Marketing Software

1. Attentive

Attentive is a text message marketing solution. This tool allows you to send text messages that are personalized and behavioral-targeted to your customers to inform and engage them about new offers. You can also use this tool to send two-way messages.

This tool allows you to create campaigns that promote products or promotions and automate time-sensitive messages like order confirmations and product shipment. Your messages can include audio, video, and photos. This tool allows you to determine which message is most effective for your audience by combining A/B testing with real-time results.

Attentive is web-based software. You can access help articles, webinars, and FAQs as well as support by email or phone.

2. Drip

Drip is a mobile marketing platform that automates the sending of personalized and automated SMS campaigns. Its visual builder aids in designing messages and Allows you to add images and emojis for personalization. You can also see the message in action via interactive preview and test-send features.

This tool allows you to analyze the performance of your campaigns. On its SMS dashboard, you can see metrics like total revenue, revenue by person, and average order values. Drip is a web-based software. You can access help articles, how-to guides, email, and chat support.

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3. Emotive

Emotive is an SMS marketing platform. This allows you to send customers personalized messages and marketing campaigns via text message. Customers can save time by using the “reply to buy” text option.

This SMS marketing software allows for two-way conversations between customers and you as shown in the image below. Emotive has pre-built conversation flow templates that can be used to automate two-way conversations. The tool’s conversational ads allow you to capture phone numbers and email addresses directly from Facebook ads. This will help you grow your email and SMS list.

Emotive can be used online. You can access support through chat, email, and phone calls.

4. EZ Texting

EZ Texting allows you to communicate with customers through SMS messages. You can import unlimited numbers of contacts, segment them for targeted messaging, and create campaigns.

This text marketing tool allows send personalized messages to your contacts, and have one-on-1 conversations with customers about their issues and requests. You can access over 20 million Shutterstock photos for free to help you create MMS campaigns. This tool can also be integrated with third-party applications like Hubspot, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp.

EZ Texting offers a web-based solution and a mobile application for iOS devices. You can access support via email, chat, phone calls, FAQs, and a knowledge base.

5. Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage, a mobile marketing automation tool, is available. You can send personalized push notifications and in-app messages to your customers, which will help you engage them on mobile devices.

Geo-fencing technology is used in this marketing tool to help you target customers based on their location and time. This tool also allows you to track engagement using visual dashboards. It creates performance reports, such as session duration or the number of messages opened across the app. The dashboard displays the results in a visual format.

Marketo Engage, a web-based tool, is available. You can access support via email, chat, phone, or knowledge base.

6. Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts can be used to send reminders, updates, and promotions to customers using SMS marketing software. This solution can be used to have two-way conversations. You can set up automated responses to ensure that customers are able to continue their conversations 24/7.

You can save your message templates to make it easier to send recurring messages. You can also schedule messages by choosing a date and time that will send them automatically. This tool is great for contact management because it allows you to create multiple groups of contacts based on their location, purchase history, and demographics.

Mobile Text Alerts, a web-based service that offers applications for Android and iOS smartphones, is available. You can access support via email, FAQs, and phone calls.

7. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is a platform for text messaging marketing that allows you to send SMS marketing messages and have one-on-one conversations. This tool can also be used for MMS campaigns since you can include photos in your messages. It also allows you to track who clicked on the links in your message.

This tool allows you to give each department, agent, or location a text-enabled number. Each location or agent responsible will be able to send their own campaigns using their unique number. These numbers can be used by customers to contact the appropriate department or location according to their query.

SimpleTexting is a web-based tool that allows you to create applications for Android and iOS smartphones. You can access support via chat, emails, chat, and videos.

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8. SMSGlobal

SMSGlobal allows you to send bulk SMS messages and personalize your marketing campaigns. MXT, a communication suite that allows you to send and receive SMS directly from your email inbox, is included. MXT allows you to create SMS campaigns, schedule recurring messages, manage contacts, and view reports from SMS marketing campaigns on the dashboard.

You can create text automation workflows using this mobile marketing platform that is triggered with keywords. The tool will send messages like order confirmations, promotions, and event push notifications when it is activated.

SMSGlobal is a web-based app. You can access support via chat, email, chat, and phone calls.

9. Statflo

Statflo is a texting solution for businesses that allows you to communicate with your customers through personalized mobile messaging, is one-of-a-kind. You can reach customers via their preferred medium including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, LINE, email, and LINE.

This tool allows you to connect existing marketing campaigns with platforms like Adobe, Marketo, and HubSpot. You can also block unwanted content by using the tool’s configurable filtering feature. This tool helps you comply with data storage rules and consent exemptions.

Statflo can be accessed via the internet. You can access support through FAQs, how-to articles, and telephone calls.

10. TextP2P

HTML2P allows you to send text messages and use email marketing platforms. You can send bulk messages to customers and have two-way conversations with them. This tool can be used to create multimedia message campaigns. Rich media can be added to your messages.

This tool lets you schedule bulk messages and manage contacts lists. You can organize contacts in different categories, such as current, potential, and loyal clients, using the list management feature. This tool can integrate with third-party apps such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Zapier.

TextP2P is a web-based app with an iOS mobile app available. You can access support via chat, email, chat, and phone calls.

How to choose the best mobile marketing tools

These are the top mobile marketing tools:

Choose a tool that has templates and a multimedia library.

You can get an advantage by having design and message templates in your arsenal. Access to a media library means that you won’t need to spend time or money searching for images and videos to support your messages. A mobile marketing tool with templates and a media collection is a good choice.

Create message workflows

These automated message workflows reduce the amount of work you have to do. Once you have these workflows, you won’t need to manually send messages about order confirmation, delivery status, discounts, etc. The tool will do it automatically. Look for a mobile marketing tool that lets you set rules and create message workflows.
What customer support options are the software offer?

Check if the software allows content filtration

It’s important to check the technical support options for your mobile marketing solution before you face any technical problems. Ask the vendor whether they offer support options like user manuals, training, and paid support. You can also check whether live chat, email, and phone support are available.

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