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Top 10 Remote PC Access Software for 2023

Top 10 Remote PC Access Software

Remote PC access software that is best for you can access any device, any major operating system, and any location. If businesses aren’t sure whether they want to work in-office or remotely, they should consider a provider that offers monthly billing options.

Small businesses should prioritize the number of computer licenses that are available for each user account. This article was written for IT managers and business owners who are thinking about implementing remote access software.

Remote PC access software can be used to provide remote support for customers and staff members, as well as a completely remote solution for IT departments. We analyzed hundreds of applications in order to determine the best remote access software for small businesses.

What is remote PC access software and how does it work?

Remote PC access software connects two or more computers to allow file transfers, remote technical support, and collaboration. Remote access software can often be used on multiple platforms, such as PC, Mac, and iOS. It can also be accessed through software installations or via web-based links depending on which software program you are using.

No matter if the software is installed on each device or not, remote access software includes secure access restrictions such as multifactor authentication, secure session codes, and brute force protection. While some applications restrict you to devices that have been turned on, others allow remote access to inactive devices.

Top 10 Remote PC Access Software for 2023

Remote access allows you to send customer support, upload files, and communicate with other users. Remote PC access software may also include other useful features such as remote printing or recording.

1. RemotePC

RemotePC offers small business owners and employees secure remote access and control. It is easy to set up and use. This makes it great for individuals and small businesses that don’t have dedicated IT staff. You and your team can access remote computers and data via web access from anywhere you are located.

Remote access plans typically allow unlimited user licenses to access 10 or more computers. RemotePC is unique in this competitive market because it allows unlimited user licenses for access to 10 or more computers. RemotePC’s SOHO (small office/home office) plan is ideal for small businesses that have a few employees and work remotely during the week.

RemotePC’s parent company, IDrive, announced recently that it now provides endpoint cloud backup support for Linux computers. IDrive 360 backup for Linux is based on a web-based Graphical User Interface. This allows users to remotely view and manage multiple computers and perform simultaneous backups of multiple Linux machines. This product is great for companies that use Linux. It can also be used in conjunction with your RemotePC subscription to secure your cloud-based data backups.

RemotePC’s four plans for remote access are priced primarily on the number and accessibility of computers. Larger organizations and teams will also benefit from additional features. Prices range from $4.97 per month for the Consumer plan to $37.47 per month for Enterprise plans with 100 computers. RemotePC offers the HelpDesk remote support tool for $4.16 per month for the first year. This tool is included free of charge with all Team or Enterprise remote access plans.


  • RemotePC offers unlimited licenses to all professional plans, making it an affordable solution for small businesses.
  • RemotePC Viewer Lite allows you to quickly access remote computers via any web browser.


  • We found that the selection of business software integrations was limited compared to other providers.

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2. Splashtop

Splashtop Business Access provides unattended access with HD-quality sound and video. It integrates well with most business software and offers a wide range of collaboration features. This makes it a great choice for hybrid-remote employees or hot-desk offices. Splashtop is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile apps.

Splashtop’s unique ability to allow multiple users access to the same computer at once is unmatched. This collaboration feature is a great tool that allows employees from different locations to prepare for a presentation together. It’s almost as if they are working at the same desk, pulling the same data. The ability to simultaneously view multiple monitors helps make the transition from a traditional office to your home office as smooth as possible.

Splashtop offers four annual plans that are geared toward businesses of all sizes. The Business Access Solo plan is $5 per month and allows for one user to access the computer. This is great for freelancers or anyone who needs regular access to the computer. The most popular plan, Business Access Pro costs $8.25 per month and covers almost everything that a small business might need to see, with the exception of single-sign-on which can be found with its enterprise options.


  • Splashtop is an easy and fast computer access solution that feels designed for everyday users.
  • It allows for productive collaboration with two users sharing access to the same computer.


  • All-access plans for Splashtop businesses require an annual commitment.

3. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control provides scalable remote access and supports customized security features, superior communication tools, and multi-device functionality. This software allows remote workers and IT teams to have secure and immediate access to unattended computers anywhere there is an internet connection. ConnectWise is a flexible remote access company that offers a variety of features, terms, and pricing.

Advanced features like the View premium extension give technicians direct access to a customer’s mobile phone camera via a browser-based Livestream session. This allows them to more efficiently troubleshoot problems. This feature can be used to collaborate with remote employees. It makes them feel as if they are at the same desk. ConnectWise provides communication flexibility by using VoIP audio to hold meetings. It also offers access and support for teams or companies that use VoIP phones.

ConnectWise Control provides three software packages, each with different features and limits. Prices range from $24 to $49 per month, with both annual and monthly billing options. The company also offers unattended access plans that start at $30 per month for 25 agents. This plan is a great option for small businesses that have hybrid-remote employees and need to access their office’s data regularly.


  • ConnectWise Control offers a highly scalable solution for computer access.
  • This is ideal for businesses that are not completely committed to remote work or hybrid remote.


  • Some users may find it more difficult to set up and implement than other products in this category.

4. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote control and access solution, that streamlines customer service and supports employees while they are away from the office. Although both remote support and unattended accessibility are core functions, pricing is different for each product. Zoho Assist offers both core functions and unattended access. This package is ideal for companies looking to combine both of these features with a stronger focus on customer support.

As a customer support tool, Zoho Assist can be integrated into existing systems and processes. This means that it integrates seamlessly with popular business tools such as Google Workspace, Jira and Zendesk, and Zoho’s more than 45 other integrated applications. Communication tools such as Slack and text, voice, and video chat are all available to help make remote support sessions as efficient as possible.

Zoho Assist’s latest remote assistance solution allows you to resolve complex real-world problems, such as troubleshooting heavy machinery in a mine site or customer service situations. This is done via live camera streaming and AR annotation, text, voice, and video. All customers can use Zoho’s Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (AR) to assign different tasks, add more visual information, and build a reliable knowledge base that will help them solve problems faster.

Zoho Assist has three plans that offer remote support. They vary in their features and cost between $10 and $24 per month. There are two options for unattended access. These allow unlimited technicians to access 25 unattended computers starting at $10 per month. Individuals and small businesses may find the free plan, which gives them access to five computers and other basic features, more than sufficient.


  • Zoho Assist is flexible enough to allow businesses to create remote support systems and unattended access systems.
  • You can protect sensitive data with a variety of privacy and security features.


  • Zoho Assist limits file transfers between devices to 2GB

5. Freshdesk

Freshdesk, an AI-powered omnichannel platform, helps businesses deliver better customer service and collaborate with customers. This platform provides all-in-one customer support and solves unique problems by connecting with customers anywhere they are using modern communication methods such as WhatsApp, mobile devices, WhatsApp, and the internet. Freshdesk’s chatbots powered with Freddy AI help to reduce the workload. They can interpret customer intent and automatically handle routine tasks when solving an issue.

Freshdesk makes ticketing simpler with intelligent assignments that are based on team members’ current workloads or skills levels or using a round-robin approach. To automate repetitive tasks, you can use event- or time-triggered automation. This will allow you and your team more time to provide customer service with a human touch. You can also share ownership of tickets and break them into smaller tasks. The program allows you to link similar issues to make collaboration easier and allow for teamwork.


  • Freshdesk’s powerful automation capabilities allow customers to have better outcomes and increase efficiency.
  • The software allows customer service teams to work together and keep organized.


  • These standout AI features can only be found in the Enterprise plan. Both sessions are very limited.

6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer provides remote access, control, and support for all your connectivity needs. It works on all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Android. It is a simple-to-use remote access tool that supports file sharing, wake on LAN, remote printing, and a black screen for private sessions.

TeamViewer’s multi-device support is beyond what most people have at home with their smartphones and computers. It supports connections to servers and augmented reality devices as well as commercial-grade machines wherever there is an internet connection. TeamViewer is a leader in supporting mobile devices from 127 manufacturers, as well as operating systems and IoT devices used today in a wide range of industries.


  • TeamViewer has more device compatibility and support than any other competitor in this market.
  • It allows for full device control, regardless of endpoint type, display screen, or keyboard.


  • The user price is higher than most of its competitors.

7. GoToAssist

GoToAssist provides unattended computer access and unlimited live support to end-users through one platform. One agent account can access up to 10,000 computers. This makes it an affordable solution for large IT service businesses and IT service providers. GoToAssist provides unattended computer access and unlimited live support through one platform. One agent account allows access to as many as 10,000 computers. This makes it an affordable solution for IT service providers and large companies with remote workers. GoToAssist makes it easy to provide support from your web browser. Users can join a session by entering a key or linking.

It is easy to start a remote support session via a web browser by logging into your account and inviting another user to join your session using a link or key. Screensharing and other diagnostic tools can be accessed from there to assist you in troubleshooting the issue quickly. The customer doesn’t have to install any software nor perform complex tasks with any other software. This can be challenging to do when you are dealing with a technical issue.

GoToAssist’s pricing is based on how many agents you have. Monthly and annual billing options start at $55 per calendar month for a single agent. You will need to pay $20 per agent for the mobile add-on. Remote view and remote control for Android and iOS are added by this feature.


  • GoToAssist provides large IT service companies and businesses with cost-effective access to thousands of unattended computers.
  • This solution is great for businesses that need remote access primarily to provide live support.


  • Additional $20 per month for the mobile add-on to enable support for additional devices

8. Wrike

Wrike, now part of Citrix, is a collaborative platform for work management that offers 360-degree visibility and cross-department collaboration. It also has powerful automation tools. Although it is not a remote access and control platform like many other products in this category, Wrike is a great tool to ensure remote workers have the data they need to collaborate and work effectively. Wrike offers a variety of plans that can be customized for any business, so they can find the best solution for them.

Wrike’s cloud-based work management software allows remote employees and teams to collaborate in a digital workspace. All discussions and details are stored in a central database that is always up-to-date and easily accessible. Wrike allows your team to personalize priorities and share progress with stakeholders. They can also visualize their work automatically with pre-configured templates and custom templates. This reduces the number of emails by up to 90%.


  • Wrike makes data centrally accessible and easily accessible for remote employees to allow them to work efficiently and collaborate.
  • Companies of any size can choose from six subscription options to find the right work management solution.


  • It is more of a project management tool than a remote control and access system.

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9. Netop

Netop offers secure remote access, classroom management, live chat, and remote access for many businesses. It excels in meeting compliance standards such as PCI, ISO 27002, and HIPAA thanks to advanced logging and multifactor authentication. Netop Remote Control is available in the cloud and on-premises versions. It’s a cost-effective, feature-rich way to quickly resolve customer problems.

The system consolidates user information across multiple devices, whether they are connected to the same network or different segments of it. Netop integrates with directory services and systems, making it easier to manage large groups of users. Audit logs in the software provide oversight over all remote activity to ensure compliance.


  • Netop has all the privacy and security features required to meet any compliance standard.
  • It supports more than 40 OS versions, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • The entry-level cost is high compared to other remote access providers.

10. Goverlan Reach

Goverlan Reach is a secure platform for remote IT support designed for small businesses as well as enterprises. You can increase ticket closing rates and customer service efficiency with a variety of features. It excels in providing unattended on-demand access, strict compliance mandates, and behind-the-scenes IT support.

Goverlan adheres to various regulations that are imposed on healthcare organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions because of its security focus. On-premises implementation of Goverlan is strengthened by the use of unique passwords and detailed audits of operator activities, AES256-bit end-to-end encryption, as well as enterprise-class authentication. Goverlan Reach 10’s most recent update added remote system management for macOS, as well as new tools to eliminate jitter and lag when multi-4K monitors are supported.


  • This system management tool offers technical support without interruptions or downtime for customers.
  • It can integrate with service desk providers to create perfect case notes.


  • For those who don’t have IT experience, the advanced tools can be too complex.
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