Top 10 Cloud Printing Services for Small Businesses

Cloud Printing Services

Google plans to close Cloud Print by 2020. Cloud printing services have a large following, especially among small businesses.

You can print items from Google Chrome. You can print from a desktop computer or a mobile phone. You don’t have to worry if your printer isn’t connected to the internet.

It’s going to be gone, unfortunately. You’ll probably be searching for an alternative if this is a service you use.

Don’t fret. We searched the web for the best cloud printing service for small businesses today. These services allow you to print from any device or computer that is connected to the network. Some services offer full-featured software for your entire office. Some are more suited for smaller spaces and individual users.

Here are 10 cloud printing services that can fill the gap left by Google Cloud Print.

10 Best Cloud Printing Services for Businesses

1. Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox connectKey is a smart workstation that offers a range of productivity features. Of course, you can also print from the cloud. Other features include electronic document creation and touchscreen interfaces on multifunction printers.

2. Lexmark Cloud Print Management

Lexmark Cloud Print Management is a tool that makes it easy for employees to access their documents quickly. It also reduces the IT strain. You can simply place items in your cloud network and then swipe a badge to the printer you choose to pick it up.

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3. AirPrint

Although not as easy as Google Cloud Print for printing, Apple’s feature can be found in a range of printers and is available on all Apple devices from iPhones to iMacs. With the help of apps, you can also access it from devices with other operating systems. This is not a full-featured service for offices. It can be used if your workplace has Apple products and compatible printers. This can be an excellent option for freelancers and those who work remotely.

4. is a smart printing solution that can be used in place of Google Cloud Print. It integrates seamlessly with G Suite. It can be used with all major printer brands. It can be connected to your local network. All of your documents remain secure. They will never leave your private cloud.

5. PrinterOn

PrinterOn provides cloud printing solutions for all levels of businesses, from small to large enterprises to public offices. Register your printer to enjoy secure cloud management. You can store and retrieve any documents that you need to be printed easily. Flexible solutions are available. Businesses of all sizes and industries can use it securely to manage their printing jobs.

6. UniPrint Infinity

UniPrint Infinity allows you to print from a wide range of computing platforms. This includes traditional desktop environments, mobile jobs, and server-based jobs. The UniPrint application server converts all data into PDFs, which can then be sent to the printing server.

7. Printix

Printix’s secure printing management platform can be connected to several cloud solutions. These include Office 365 and G Suite as well as Azure AD. There is no upfront cost to eliminate servers and move everything into the cloud. Printix does charge a monthly fee. Printix offers solutions for all businesses. This includes an automated infrastructure that makes it easy for team members.

8. Ezeep

Ezeep is a central print management platform that can be used in offices. It eliminates the need to have print drivers. It allows you to keep everything in one place. It has a simple interface. Users can manage their documents easily. They can also send them to any printer of their choosing. You can also access Ezeep via any device.

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9. Pharos

Pharos allows you to secure all your office printers, workstations, and computers to the cloud for secure printing. The cloud allows you to store and print items. Pharos also provides printing metrics. You can monitor usage across your entire business. It is also easy to connect and set up printers. This service is very cost-effective and won’t take up too much of your IT staff’s time.

10. OM Plus

OM+ provides a cloud-based printing solution as part of its suite. This company develops customized solutions for specific industries. Many of these solutions can be classified as enterprise-level solutions. They come with tons of features. They are useful for smaller businesses that handle a lot of printing jobs.

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