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Top 10 Live Streaming Apps for Events

Top 10 Live Streaming Apps

Streaming has become a very popular addition to events such as music festivals, sporting events, conventions, and other types of events. Why? Live streaming apps can eliminate FOMO (fear that of missing out), among attendees who cannot attend your event. They allow them to access your event from virtually anywhere. They are also essential for hybrid events in today’s age of Covid. These services, when combined with robust screening, will make it possible to return to live events. They also allow you to connect with fans and engage with audiences you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Event professionals have many options to share the uniqueness of their event with the world thanks to mobile phones and technology that is constantly improving.

What are the top live streaming apps that planners should consider? What should they consider when making their selections?

This guide will help you choose the right app for your event.

What is live streaming?

A form of live streaming online video streaming, which records and broadcasts media in real-time to an online audience. Video streaming is often referred to simply as streaming. It cannot be edited or cut.

Why live stream your event?

Live streaming events offer planners a unique opportunity for reaching a wider audience (such as remote attendees), increasing attendee engagement, enhancing their social media accounts, and cutting down on marketing costs.

3 Tips to Live Stream Your Event

  • Get to know your live streaming equipment. You can’t go wrong with any live streaming equipment, but make sure you and your team run some tests. There are many ways to improve your content with most solutions, it turns out. Are there any implications for stream quality and battery life if you choose something lightweight? Your network will be able to support the data upload required for your stream. These are important points to remember. Run a test to see if your network can support the data upload.
  • Determine the “Why” of your event before you stream it. What are you hoping your audience will take away from the stream? You shouldn’t use technology just because it’s trendy. Only then can you determine how a live streaming system fits in with the overall strategy for your event.
  • Your stream can be tested and retested. It’s much easier to broadcast your event to a live audience online if you are familiar with the technology and have done many pre-tests. While equipment is important, it’s not the only thing you need to consider. You can play with the video layout, such as landscape or portrait. You can also test audio and video quality by changing the video layout (e.g., landscape or portrait). Find out what type of fan interaction your streaming app allows. Engage with your audience online at every opportunity.

Top 10 Best Live Streaming Apps for Events

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows users the ability to log in to their Facebook account to stream live to their audience. Audience members can interact with the live stream video directly by commenting or remarking.

Pros of Facebook Live:

  • Facebook Live streams can be sent to the audience you already have. You can stream to specific event pages.
  • The live stream can be viewed by the audience.
  • The video is automatically saved on the user’s webpage.
  • Facebook Live is mobile-friendly and offers a great experience for mobile viewers.

Cons of Facebook Live:

  • You must log in to Facebook to launch your live stream if you are using external software.
  • Since audience members are watching the live stream through Facebook and not a strictly-live streaming outlet, they could become distracted and leave your live stream.

2. YouTube Live

YouTube Live was one of the first platforms to offer live streaming. It is widely regarded as one the most event-friendly and sophisticated live streaming apps available.

Pros of YouTube Live:

  • YouTube has the best search engine for live streams. YouTube is unrivaled in this regard.
  • A variety of features are available (e.g. For different user types, YouTube Stream Now and YouTube Events offer a variety of features.
  • YouTube Live offers event-specific features such as live chatting and automatic recording.

Cons of YouTube Live:

  • YouTube Live doesn’t offer advanced event features such as guest list management.
  • You must wait for YouTube approval to allow live streaming.

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3. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is the new live streaming apps that allow being broadcast to followers via their Instagram stories.

Pros of Instagram Live:

  • Instagram Live is simple to use and doesn’t require any additional software or equipment.
  • Engage with your followers in real time by responding to comments and likes.
  • After your video ends, you can track viewer engagement in Instagram Analytics.

Cons of Instagram live:

  • There are no event planning options.
  • There are no integrations with any other broadcasting tools or applications.

4. Periscope

Periscope is the best live streaming app if you want to grow your audience and share your event worldwide. Periscope was the first app to allow live streaming of events and viewers to comment and like the videos.

Pros of Periscope

  • It is simple to use and can be used for live streaming in spur-of-the-moment.
  • Periscope can connect to your Twitter account.
  • The live stream does not have a maximum video length.
  • Periscope works with iOS and Android devices.

Cons of Periscope

  • Video replays are only available for 24hrs and then they are deleted.
  • To view the live stream video, audience members will need to log in to Periscope.
  • Planners can’t monetize live streams with ads.

5. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is a tool that’s specifically designed for event planners and employees. You can live stream your event using the Vimeo camera. It will also stream to your social media accounts and your event website.

Pros of Vimeo Livestream:

  • Vimeo Livestream provides high-quality video streaming.
  • The live stream video of your event will be saved on the camera after it ends.

Cons of Vimeo Livestream

  • Vimeo Livestream is not available for free. Three plans event professionals have the option to choose from.

6. Dacast

Dacast is a live streaming platform that can be used for business-to-business. The platform’s best features include its white label capability and the ability to host video.

Pros of Dacast:

  • High-quality live streaming.
  • For those working in the event industry, video hosting with pay per view is a huge advantage.
  • Dacast provides clients with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a semaine.

Cons Of Dacast:

  • Dacast charges per bitrate, which makes it difficult to calculate live streaming prices for events.
  • Some people like the user interface because it is simple, but others feel that a more complex offering could be better.

7. YouNow

YouNow is the best option if you are hosting a music festival. YouNow is a social streaming network for musicians like artists and DJs?

Pros of YouNow:

  • YouNow allows users to live stream, join groups, and chat with other users.

Cons of YouNow:

  • Most of the audience are musicians and younger music creators. YouNow is not the best option for live streaming to a larger audience.

8. IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is designed for corporate users and events. It offers reliable streaming features, integrations, and makes it a safe choice for corporate planners and users.

Pros of IBM Cloud Video :

  • After the live streaming has ended, your stream will be auto-archived.
  • IBM Cloud Video allows users to reach large audiences through the CDNS (content delivery network).
  • Live streaming performance can be tracked with real-time analytics.

Cons of IBM Cloud Video

  • Only Facebook and Twitter can be integrated with the platform.
  • For the price, the software and user experience are quite basic.
  • Only Enterprise Plans receive support at live events

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9. Broadcast me

Broadcast Me is a portable, free live streaming app. Broadcast Me allows you to stream live from any location using your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Pros Of Broadcast Me:

  • Ideal for live streaming on the fly.
  • It is easy to use
  • Streaming is possible from your smartphone or tablet.
  • You can integrate your live streaming with virtually every social media platform.

Cons Of Broadcast Me:

  • Broadcast Me is free, but unlimited streaming services require a $5.99 one-time upfront fee.

10. Zype

Zype is the right platform for you if you are looking for an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself live streaming video platform. Zype is a sophisticated streaming platform that’s specifically designed for companies interested in investing in live streaming and videography.

Pros Of Zype:

  • Zype users have the ability to share their live stream video across multiple platforms, including Apple TV, WordPress, and Roku.
  • This platform provides video monetization opportunities and features.

Cons Of Zype:

  • Although the price is not available on their website, people have said it is high but well worth it for its advanced features.
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