infrastructure as code
Software Development

Top 5 Infrastructure as Code Automation Tools

There are many DevOps tools available to help you accomplish many different tasks. Every day, a startup releases a new product or an...

Applicant Tracking System
Software Development

What is Applicant Tracking System & Top 10 ATS Software

An applicant tracking system (ATS), is a software solution that manages all your recruitment needs. It also serves as a data bank to...

remote collaboration

How to Improve Remote Collaboration Across Teams

Remote work is no longer the bogeyman that it used to be. With more and more global businesses warming up to the idea...

Proptech Is Helping Americans Navigate

How Proptech Is Helping Americans Navigate The Housing Market Right Now

Proptech is on the fast track to transforming the real estate industry for all stakeholders involved. According to estimates from JLL Technologies, there...

SaaS video marketing
Growth Strategies

How SaaS Companies Can Increase Audience Engagement With Video Marketing

People prefer to consume content that is more engaging and uses audio-visual elements. Research shows that watching videos has a greater impact than...

Growth Strategies

Geo-Marketing Can Completely Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy – Here’s How

Geo-marketing takes traditional forms of marketing and elevates them to the next level using location-based intelligence to plan and execute strategies that will...

Best Browsers for Privacy

4 Best Browsers for Privacy

Many of us default to the browser already installed on our laptop or to what everyone else seems to be using. For example,...

Study Apps Helpful for College Students

Top 8 Study Apps Helpful for College Students

Students have had a difficult time with their studies. This is due to learning difficulties, but also because students lack management skills. Rarely...

What is Data Engineering
Big Data

What is Data Engineering? Required Skills and Tools

As most companies have received advanced change over the past decade, data scientists, as well as data engineers, have evolved into distinct jobs...

IAM solutions

Best 10 Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions

Recent Spotify attacks have demonstrated how crucial identity access management (IAM), is for businesses. An attacker launched a credential-stuffing operation to defraud more...