How to Determine Internet Speed Needed for a Medium Sized Company?

Internet Speed Needed for a Medium-Sized Company

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  • Speed VS Bandwidth
  • How to Determine Internet Speed Needed for a Medium-Sized Company?
  • Best Internet Providers for Medium-Sized Company
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Not sure what internet speeds your medium-sized company needs? Don’t end up paying too much for a service you can fully utilize, or get stuck with a slow internet that does not meet your needs. Here is how you can determine the internet speed needed for a medium-sized company.

Speed VS Bandwidth

Before you can dive into the details and discover the ideal internet speeds for your medium-sized company, it is best to understand the difference between internet speed and bandwidth.

Internet speed simply is the rate at which data travels from one point to another. This reflects in how fast or slow your files upload or download, how fast you send out emails, or how fast your videos load.

Bandwidth, on the other hand, is the measure of data traveling speed within a particular amount of time. So, you can say it is the amount of data transferred per second. The unit used to measure bandwidth is Megabytes Per Second or Mbps.

Bandwidth is shared amongst users. For example, a 20 Mbps bandwidth will be divided into two if there are two users downloading a video at the same time. However, this is not the case with internet speed. The best way to choose a suitable internet speed for your medium-sized company is to determine what your bandwidth needs are.

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How to Determine Internet Speed Needed for a Medium-Sized Company?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when determining the internet speed needed for a medium-sized company.

1. What activities do you need to perform?

Different online activities have different bandwidth requirements. You must analyze your business needs and what activities will be performed using the internet. Things like emailing and basic web browsing should not take up a lot of bandwidth. However, if you plan on using the internet for sharing heavy media files or cloud services, then you really need larger bandwidth.

Activity Internet speed needed
Online browsing, emailing, research 5 Mbps
Online transactions and media sharing 25 Mbps
Large file downloads and online streaming 75 Mbps
Cloud services, heavy cloud backups, server hosting, streaming, HD video conferences 500 Mbps

2. How many employees do you have?

A number of employees mean the number of people or devices that will utilize the network. This will leave a huge impact on your internet bandwidth. Medium-sized companies tend to have an employee count of about 100 or more employees. For 50+ users, internet speeds of 1 Gig or more are the best. For this reason, Xfinity 1200 Mbps internet plans can be an ideal choice for medium-sized companies.

3. What internet types are available in your area?

The internet types you have available will also help you choose internet speed for your medium-sized company. The older a connection type is, the slower its speed will be. For example, DSL internet speed is going to be much slower when put in comparison with fiber internet. So, make sure you have fully discovered the available options around you.

Internet type Average internet speeds
DSL 5 to 100 Mbps download speed
Cable 10 to 940 Mbps download speed
Fiber 100 to 1000 Mbps download and upload speeds
Fixed Wireless 5 to 25 Mbps download speed

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Best Internet Providers for a Medium-Sized Company

Here is a quick overview of some amazing internet providers offering value-packed solutions to medium-sized companies.

Mediacom Business

Mediacom has dedicated plans and packages especially for businesses of various sizes. It has add-on services to offer with the internet as well, including powerful Wi-Fi technology and business phone services. Not only has this, but Mediacom internet for businesses included a fiber-rich internet connection with more than 10 gigabits of internet speeds. Call Mediacom Xtream to discover packages available for your business.

AT&T Business

From 5G solutions to fiber-rich business internet, AT&T Business is another great provider offering services to many parts of America. AT&T services cover many communities, including rural communities, making high-speed internet a reality for everyone. You don’t have to settle for all the hassle with cable or wired internet connections, and just opt for AT&T Enterprise-level 5G technology that makes remote working so much easier!

Spectrum Business

With no contract requirements, advancing 5G technology, and 24/7 customer service, Spectrum Business internet is surely a great choice for many businesses. It might be more suitable for small-sized businesses, but the speeds can be enjoyed by medium-sized companies that only have to perform basic online activities.

Final Thought

By checking the internet speed available in your area and considering your company’s needs, you can get yourself a good internet subscription. Make sure you have defined a budget within which you would prefer having internet for your company. Choosing the right internet for your business can be made much easier by a pro’s advice from BuyTVInternetPhone.

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