Methods of Selling and Buying Cryptocurrencies

Methods of Selling and Buying Cryptocurrencies

The constantly changing situation in the world threatens many sources of modern people’s income, which forces people to constantly look for new ways to increase it. Trading gives users great opportunities, as the market is now developing at a rapid pace.

There are many ways to buy crypto — Bitcoins or other types. One of the most convenient options is purchasing and selling through specialized platforms — exchanges. The most popular of them at the moment are Binance and TabTrader. This article will tell readers about other ways to trade profitably.


This method is considered the simplest. It’s used to buy popular digital financial assets that occupy key positions in the ranking by capitalization. These are Bitcoin, Matbea, 60cek, Ethereum, and others. Payment is made in different ways — the client can make a cryptocurrency purchase by card or with popular payment systems, as well as by phone number or in cash.

The commission for the purchase is usually 1-2%, but it can be more. Its size depends on the type of digital asset, the method of purchase, and the specific exchanger. The demand for more popular coins is higher, so the commission amount is less, and vice versa.

To buy cryptocurrency in the exchanger quickly and simply, it’s enough to follow these instructions:

  • choose a convenient exchanger;
  • check the selected option for reliability;
  • confirm your identity and complete the verification process at the exchanger for further actions with the money;
  • enter the required amount and confirm the operation.

This is the most popular way for beginners. The method is also suitable for those who don’t plan to buy cryptocurrency often or want to purchase it anonymously.

But the risk here is quite serious since there’s a high percentage of fraud in this area. The advantages include simplicity and accessibility, as well as the fact that the commission is charged directly for the exchange.

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Exchange for Buying Cryptocurrencies

A simple and reliable way to buy cryptocurrencies is directly on the exchange. These are the platforms exmo, cex, kraken, bitfinex, bitstamp and others. Residents of many countries can buy crypto there, as well as close transactions at market rates, a reasonable amount of commissions for the deposit, and withdrawal of fiat funds.

Some of the exchanges are aimed at trading; some have advanced functionality, some give a discount on the registration fee, and others allow users to make transactions with each other directly. It’s worth choosing a good option depending on the client’s goals.

Buying Cryptocurrencies Through the App

An affordable and convenient method is an application for buying cryptocurrencies installed on the phone or other device. Many services have made the purchase of digital assets as accessible as possible. Some of the most popular are CoinPaper, Mycelium Wallet,, and WebMoney. Well-known exchanges such as Binance and TabTrader also have their own apps.

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is more of an investment in the future benefits of using it rather than a way to get rich quickly. Despite the fact that since the beginning of the last few years, digital assets have risen in price significantly, in any case, the cryptocurrency market is a high-risk contribution, and every user needs to make a purchase decision carefully!

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