Top 5 Desktop Wallets for Safe Storage of Your Coins

Top 5 Desktop Wallets for Safe Storage of Your Coins

Top 5 Desktop Wallets for Safe Storage of Your Coins

A desktop or computer cryptocurrency wallet is an application that is installed on a laptop or PC. This program provides a link to the blockchain. Its main functions are balance control, receiving, and sending transactions. The application may also have additional features such as the built-in exchange of ETH to BTC, staking, and cashback.

It is much more secure to store private keys on your local computer than on cloud servers. The less your confidential information is scattered on the Internet, the less likely it is to leak. However, desktop wallets are also considered hot, as the local computer is connected to the network for a long time. Do not ignore the threat of computer infection with viruses or other malware.

Best desktop crypto wallets

There simply cannot be an ideal universal wallet, if only because the requests from users are very different. Each program is superior in some ways to analogs, and in some ways inferior to them. Consider the most popular desktop wallets. Most of them are multi-platform, that is, they are compatible with major operating systems, and some have mobile versions.

1. Exodus

Exodus supports most of the popular cryptocurrencies, over a hundred in total. Among them are Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, EOS, etc.

To download, install and use the program, neither registration nor verification is required. The program is quite “light”, it does not require a lot of hard disk space to install.

Exodus has an intuitive interface, which is especially important for beginners. The wallet has a built-in exchanger, which greatly simplifies the conversion of coins. Unlike third-party platforms, Exodus does not charge its own exchange fees. The blockchain commission is dynamic, that is, the program calculates its size so that the transaction is guaranteed to be confirmed as quickly as possible. Exodus can be integrated with the Trezor device.

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2. Jaxx Liberty

This is a cross-platform program that can be installed on any device that has access to the Internet. Desktop versions are adapted to Windows, Linux, and macOS, there are versions for iOS and Android and a browser version of Jaxx web.

The wallet supports several dozen coins and their list is updated periodically. In addition to Bitcoin, Latcoin, and Ethereum, it contains EOS, ADA, USDT, Dash, and Zcash.

In the application, it is possible to receive and transfer coins, check the history of transactions, as well as exchange operations. There is a section with crypto industry news, trends, as well as the ability to track the dynamics of the exchange rate of popular coins on different timeframes.

3. Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS, there are also mobile versions. The wallet supports over 300 coins and tokens. In addition to the standard functions of storing, receiving, and transferring coins, the program has a built-in exchange function.

The exchange is not carried out blindly, the user has access to up-to-date information about quotes and charts. The atomic wallet supports the staking protocol, but staking is not yet available for all supported coins.

4. Еlectrum

Electrum is a lightweight software wallet. When installing it, you do not need to download the entire history of the blockchain. It is adapted for all popular operating systems, available as a browser extension, and there are mobile versions of the program. The wallet is compatible with hardware devices.

Unlike its closest competitors, it only supports Bitcoin. Accordingly, there is no internal exchange in it, although it is possible to view the current BTS quotes.

5. Guarda Wallet

Another popular multi-platform and multi-currency crypto wallet. Supports about 50 blockchains with all their coins and tokens. It is quite logical that the developers took care of the built-in exchange and staking by integrating with several partner services.

In Guarda, it is possible to buy crypto for fiat currencies and lend in stablecoins. It is compatible with other wallets, including hardware ones. Users are rewarded for attracting new customers. Despite the extensive functionality, the wallet is quite easy to use.

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